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10 Gift Ideas for Runners


It’s the 2021 edition of 10 gift ideas for runners!

Reminder: some of the links are affiliate, meaning I earn a small commission. And some of them are just here for your convenience.

I choose gift ideas for runners based on my own personal experience as someone who runs about 2,000 miles a year.

1. Aetrex Plantar Fasciitis Kit

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Your gift recipient doesn’t necessarily need to be struggling with inflamed connective tissue to benefit from this!

My friends at Aetrex have their Plantar Fasciitis 4 piece kit ($135.95 retail value) for $99 and every runner needs it.

I mean, the Aetrex Orthodic flip flops alone are $59.95 and worth every penny as a pair of recovery shoes in a race bag!

Ever crossed the finish line and wondered how your feet feel even worse and swollen than when you were running?

Easy problem to solve- stop compressing them and put on flops!

The foot roller is my one of my absolute favorite gift ideas for runners item because it is small and indiscreet- I use it beneath my desk at work. Granted, I’m not in an office setting but I’ve rolled my feet during many a ZOOM call!

Read my much deeper dive of this kit here or watch the video below:

2: Koala Clip Phone Pouch

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is a waterproof, zippered pouch for your phone. You place it in the back of your bra with an attached magnetic clip so it doesn’t slip or bounce.

Watch this :60 video for a demo:

It’s a serious game changer if you like to run in shorts (I know, your leggings probably have pockets!).

You can wash it in the machine- just air dry after with the rest of your activewear!

The first time I ordered, I got the wrong size so make sure you check out their size chart to refer to specific phone models and the Koala Clip size that works best.

Fun fact: I ended up keeping the wrong size one and gifting to my Mom, who loves hers so I know from experience this is a gift that will be well received!

At $28.99-33.99 (depending on style, customization), this is a pretty low cost gift option and a slam dunk for a runner. Five stars in the gift ideas for runners department!

Pro tip: Google for a coupon code or join the email list if you want to save a few bucks.

3. Erin Condren LifePlanner 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The best time to get a new planner for the upcoming year? Christmas time!

We’re all focused on the upcoming year and there’s nothing better than getting fresh ink on those blank pages, amiright?!

I recommend the Erin Condren vertical layout because I like to organize my days into three parts: fitness, work, household.

The layout is one of many customizations you can do with these LifePlanners; you can also go neutral or bold aesthetic inside or choose your own monogram, name, text, or motivational quote for the outside cover!

Read my deep dive on the 2021 Holiday Line here or watch below for a peek of what I got with my EC shopping spree this year for being an affiliate:

4: StrollRunner system

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This one is for mother runners who have infants or toddlers- those in the stroller running season of life.

I sure do wish this had been available when I was there.

StrollRunner is an attachment for jogging strollers that allows you to run hands-free.

It gets 5 stars because it is so darn genius!

Note: you’ll want to know what kind of stroller your gift recipient already owns.

If you don’t want to ask outright, just find a photo of it and ask a pal (I’m available!) if you want to be discreet.

Head to their web page to go deep on the accessory that could change the game for the stroller runner in your life!

Psst- if you’re reading this before Black Friday, mark your calendar to save some dough!

5: Nike AlphaFly Shoes

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Oh, I’m serious.

This is essentially the gift of speed.

I got these shoes earlier this year and have achieved a personal record (PR) in multiple distances, from the 4 mile to half marathon to full marathon.

Sure, part of that is putting in work but the studies show a 4% improvement and that’s consistent with my results- about 2 minutes faster in a half marathon and 5 in a full marathon.

I have compared notes with other runners and estimate these shoes (or, any of the carbon plated versions other brands carry- this is just what I can speak to).

Gotta be the shoes, right MJ?!

You can see my initial impression and full review here, which is void of affiliate links. I just love these shoes!

If you are military, military dependent, first responder, medical, or student you can get 10% off directly from Nike, too!

That’s a big deal when you’re spending $275 on shoes.

The price tag is the only reason this gift gets 4 stars instead of 5.

Check out my pal’s Reel on how they give you an advantage- she explains it really nicely!

6. Aloette Correction Code

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you aren’t regularly using sunblock, just slow your roll on the anti-aging products and treatments galore.

You need to wear sunblock, sis.

Now, if the runner you are shopping for is anything like me, she is concerned about looking her age but would rather repeatedly poke her eyeball with a fork than use two separate products.

It’s going to be either or.

Here’s a daily cream with anti-wrinkle peptides and sunblock…like, both. In a single tube.

You haven’t heard me talk about Correction Code a ton because it was out of stock for much of 2021. It’s back and it makes a great stocking sized gift.

Just remember the rule at Aloette– never buy anything at retail. The next sale is always around the corner!

Side note: my relationship here is strictly affiliate now. If you’re looking to join this company as a rep, I can point you in a different direction!

7. Punny running gear

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Can’t have a gift ideas for runners list without something punny.

This Sarah Marie Design Studio tank has long been my favorite! I mean, who doesn’t stop to pet the pup?!

I also included the bracelets because a friend gifted me one last year and it has held up surprisingly well and comes in an adorable cloth bag (no wrapping!). You can use RLM for 10% off anything at Sarah Marie Design Studio.

8: Race experience

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m talking the entire situation, from top to bottom or items a la carte: registration, travel, lodging, childcare associated with time heavy training efforts.

Remember, everyone who qualified for Boston Marathon got in for 2022- December is a great time to offer!

Looking for a race in a specific place? You can go to this website and sort by date, region, state, or province.

In 2022, my flexible training schedules will be free so if you’d like a code ($30) for one to gift at Christmas, please message me!

9: Acts of service, laundry edition

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I used the laundry stripping recipe from BleachPrayLove aka GoCleanGo on Instagram. It worked.

Here’s what makes this a 5 star gift: it’s time intensive.

You need a minimum 5 hours (prep + 4 hours + wash, hang) per tub and I recommend separating colors from black.

Essentially, nobody else can get her this cause they probably don’t have the time to invest. It’s easier to just spend money, right?!

You cold put two things under the tree for the actual gift exchange:

  1. a certificate to do all of her running gear or laundry basket/bag for her to fill up with what you’ll strip
  2. Tub of the mixture for her to add to her laundry for ongoing wash. Instagram users told me they use an Oxyclean cub/scoop for this. She’ll use half + her regular detergent.

If Mom’s love language is acts of service, this is a gift that knocks it out of the park!

10: Super Flexy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ve been singing this tune for three years now, haven’t I?! It’s worth 5 stars!

This protects joints from all that pavement pounding with Type II Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & Turmeric.

Red H is a Veteran owned company who does everything in the USA and tests rigorously with third parties. 

I’ve seen the Founder, Katie, toss entire batches of product and delay releases when product isn’t to standard.

Hear a podcast episode with Coach Katie right here!

You can include this in the 3 for $129 special and split the other 2 items up as gifts or keep something for yourself!

Pro tip: if you’re reading this before Black Friday, wait for that big sale.

Happy Holidays

Need more gift inspiration? I did lists of suggestions last Christmas and for the last couple of Mother’s Days.

When you tell me about the gifts inspired by these guides, it makes my day. Drop me a line or stop by @runliftmom on Instagram:

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