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15 ways to wear the Lulu Vinyasa scarf


Here are 15 ways to wear the Lulu Vinyasa scarf.

If you have added a Vinyasa scarf to your capsule wardrobe and want different ways to wear it, you hit the spot!

What is the Vinyasa Scarf?

The Lululemon Vinyasa is a large rectangle-shaped scarf that buttons down the side & features a single loop in the middle.

The loop and buttons allow you to transform the scarf into many styles. I’ve got 15 here, but to be sure there are plenty more!

1: Long Dangle

How to Wear lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Long Loop

Unbutton the scarf and hang it over the back of your neck. Let the scarf drape down the front of your body.

That was easy, right?!

2: Frosty the Snowman

How to Wear   Zyia infinty scarf over the shoulder

This simple over the shoulder style will keep you cozy and looking adorable.

Start with both sides dangling at front and loop one of the ends around the front of your neck and over your shoulder.

The opposite end will dangle down your back like Frosty the Snowman. Don’t melt!

3: Classic Infinity

How to wear zyia infinity scarf

To create the Classic Infinity, keep all of the buttons secured.

The fabric itself will be connected into a large circle, just like you received it when you pulled it out of the package

Now, twist the scarf once and loop it over your head.

4: Wrap dangle

How to Wear a lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Wrap Dangle

For this look, you will take 1/3 of your scarf over one shoulder.

Start to loop the remainder of the scarf around your neck and let the other end dangle down your opposite shoulder at the front.

5: The Cardigan

Wrap the scarf over your shoulders and snap 2-3 buttons at the front of your stomach. Snap 1-2 buttons behind you to complete the Cardigan.

You can also unbutton for a different cardigan look (more “shirt”)

6: Long loop

Keep all the buttons snapped and loop the scarf over your head and let it hang down the front toward your torso.

6: Loop + dangle

How to Wear lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Loop and Dangle

Fold the scarf in half and bring the scarf around your neck.

With one hand, find the hole that you’ve created by folding the scarf in half and loop the ends of the scarf through that hole.

Let the ends hand down the front of your chest.

7: Western

Zyia infinity scarf
How to Wear a lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Front Back Bandit

Start with the Classic Infinity Scarf and find the end with buttons.

Unsnap 6-8 buttons and let one corner of the scarf hang down the front of your body and the opposite down behind you.

7: Bolero

Zyis infinity scarf bolero
Zyis infinity bolero

This style is fun and easy. Step into your scarf and pull it up to rest on your shoulders. Now, put the front (material laying across your chest), behind your neck.

8: Nursing cover

This is a very serious suggestion for a very obvious use.

While you could use many of the styles mentioned, the western shirt paired with a low cut tank.

9: Long Infinity

How to Wear lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Twist Front Looped

This is a combination of the Long Loop and Classic infinity.

After you’ve achieved the Infinity with all buttons secured, instead of rating on your shoulders, pull tightly forward at the nape of your neck and spread the fabric at the front over your shoulders and toward your armpits.

10: Knotted Cardigan

How to Wear a lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Knotted Cardigan

11: Halter (two ways)

How to Wear lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Twist Front Dangle
How to Wear a lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Halter Wrap I

Start with an unbuttoned scarf and wrap it behind your back. Take the edges of the scarf to the front of your body.

For the top look, you will just loop behind your neck and secure the buttons. You may need to fold the material behind your neck to be more narrow. The fabric will blouse out at your waist in front.

For the second, after you get it to the front of your body, take the top corners of your scarf and cross them at your neck. Snap the first 1-2 buttons behind your neck to keep the halter in place.

This style gives you some coverage in the rear if you aren’t about showing your butt in leggings. I still believe they are pants, but I know that’s debatable

11: Vest

How to Wear a zyia infinity scarf as a Vest

Take the little hook/loop at the back half of your scarf and snap close the top first buttons through the loop. Slide your arms into the two holes you’ve created to wear your Vinyasa scarf as a vest.

We love this style because it offers a lot of back coverage, which many of the other styles do not offer.

12: Headwrap

Unbutton 4-6 buttons at one end.

Create a tube out of the scarf and once over your hair, like a towel when you get out of the shower.

Now, twist until you can use the buttons to secure around your hair, tuck ends.

13: The Helmet

How to Wear lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Helmet
with permission from Schmiggy blog

Start with the Bandit scarf style and simply lift the looped scarf section over your head to create a helmet.

How to Wear a lululemon Vinyasa Scarf Helmet II
with permission from Schmiggy blog

Takethe first 1-2 snap buttons at the top of the scarf around and behind you and snap them behind your neck.

14: Beach Sarong

It’s 30 degrees out- this demo will need to do for now!
How to Wear a  ZYIA infinity scarf  sarong
with permission from Schmiggy blog

Your infinity scarf can be used to cover your bottom half while you’re at the beach or pool this Summer!

Keep the scarf unbuttoned and wrap it tightly around your waist.

You’ll tuck the top corner of the scarfinto the top hem of your skirt to make it a sarong!

15: Blanket

This is not a joke. You can use your infinity scarf as a blanket by simply unsnapping all of the buttons.

Keep in your office drawer, glove compartment, or mommy backpack so you’ll always have something handy when it’s cold.

You probably landed here on a Zyia search for their dupe of this scarf. I’m longer formally associated with them and have adapted some of my posts, like this one, to serve readers even though I don’t sell the product anymore.

 Here’s why. It wasn’t a bad breakup but I also can’t erase my association overnight, so here we are. Have fun with your scarf, no matter where it’s from!

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