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2021 Erin Condren Holiday Collection


Are you wondering about the 2021 Erin Condren Holiday Collection?

I’ve been using vertical layout Erin Condren LifePlanners since the triplets were born in 2015 to manage my running flexible training style.

As a podcast partner, they gave me the opportunity to go on a little shopping spree with the 2021 Erin Condren Holiday Collection and I’m excited to share my haul with you!

Please note the Erin Condren links here are affiliate and I receive a small commission if you make a purchase through them.

Personalized teacher gifts

Look, I have four kids in four different classrooms.

Real talk: I get generic crowd pleasers – Starbucks cards + my MIL’s famous sourdough bread- for each assistant, our bus driver, and the administrative staff.

In addition, it brings me joy to do a little extra for the teachers.

I loved all of the 2021 holiday designs so much, I mixed and matched with the kids’ help (“what do you think she’d like?!”) for each teacher in these list pads (15.00 for a pack of 2).

From top: nutcracker, watercolor trees in green, watercolor trees in pastel, floral

I will also put magnetic tape on the back of each so they can be placed on refrigerators or any magnetic surface. Just a little extra flair!

At $15.00 for two pads with 25 pages (80# weight- thick, pen or marker won’t bleed through) each, it’s a pretty nice gift for a conservative price!

Side note: Gideon wanted to put his own name on his teacher’s so we compromised with putting it on the cardboard backing. Kids!

You can choose lines or grid style dots for each pad and customize with names, quotes, or goals!

If you love the look of these designs, you can also get address labels, stationary, and gift labels (10.00)!

Basically, coordinate your entire holiday. I know you Pinterest Moms are drooling.

We chose the Star Wars gingerbread design (fun, right?!) and made them waterproof (+ 2.00) so we can wrap up food items like my MIL’s bread!

The ballpoint pen (10.50-18.50, various colors and designs) pictured below is adorable for any teacher.

If your favorite educator fancies a little more structure, the teacher notepads (10.00-14.00) are great for planning, to do lists, and more.

Pssst- my favorite thing about Erin Condren pens and markers is they don’t bleed through. Make note of this, cause we’re talking about planners next!

Plan the year

This Millennium Falcon pen (10.50) is a perfect standalone gift for any Star Wars fan, as an addition to a themed LifePlanner like mine (64.00 for 12 months, customizable), or as-is for a stocking stuffer!

Star Wars Grogu Snow Day Metallic LifePlanner

Now, if you’re looking at that LifePlanner and wondering what you’d do when the holidays are over (let’s face it, the design is quite winter!), remember all LifePlanners come with interchangeable covers.

You can use a cover from years past or buy a new one for $8.00 and essentially get two “looks” in one- they can be seasonal, suit your mood, whatever!

I chose the EttaVee Bliss cover for Spring 2022 because it is bright and cheery!

EttaVee Bliss Cover (separate purchase, goes on same planner)

These planners can be customized from covers to pages inside- I like the vertical layout because I separate my workouts, work, and household tasks.

I didn’t customize my cover this year, but in the past I have used:

  • my name
  • monogram
  • “you can choose” (mantra)
  • 1 Tim 4:8

All LifePlanner covers have a blank space inside for note taking in dry erase marker, too (I like Expo ultra fine point in various colors for color coding).

Other Holiday Collection choices

Here are some other ideas for you if you don’t have teachers to purchase for or insist on a digital planner for the upcoming year.

I won’t shame you.

Or maybe I will. Ha!

For the Wellness Warrior

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it!
You could make this a serving platter for your holiday party host & tell her to keep the cutting board!

For the Plant Lady

This almost makes me want plants.
Who’s googling the word “propagation”? You’re in good company.
Name option for your next plant: DJ Suzy Smooth

For the Jetsetter

Methinks folks will want to pack up and travel after 2020-2021
Also cool for students for school supplies

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