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2022: The Year of Quitting


Last year, I did a month by month specific to running in an effort to reflect.

That’s how this entry began…but then a theme emerged: quitting.

Not “quiet quitting”.

The strategic kind.

Here are 3 ways I grew by way of stopping in 2022: the year of quitting.

Bye bye, podcast

I made the decision to retire Run Lift Mom podcast early in the year when I started a new job.

Can I be honest?

The job was a socially acceptable excuse. It would have happened at some point in 2022.

Podcasting, as an industry, has grown leaps and bounds since I began in 2018. I couldn’t keep up.

And that’s just real talk.

Something had to go and since I don’t plan to put my children up for adoption, ignore my marriage, skip the mortgage, or stop running marathons anytime soon?

Bye bye, podcast.

The episode library will stay up and I’m enjoying serving as a guest on other shows.

Here’s one I did recently (related to career, but our Guinness World Record made its way into the conversation!):

If you were a Run Lift Mom listener, thank you.

At 262 episodes and 900K downloads, it was a huge success and what I now call my “experience MBA”.

Pssst- I love guesting, so please make a warm introduction if you know someone hosting a show. Running and corporate wellness are my areas of expertise!

And if you’re on LinkedIn, let’s connect.

Bye bye, run streak

In June, I ended a 365 day running streak at day 331.

So close it hurts, right?

Well, not more than my own body. I was injured!

Completely ignored my achilles tendon barking at me from about mid-March, too.

It was either complete the streak for my ego and TikTok community or use my brain and begin recovery from overuse.

Bye bye, run streak.

I often say I don’t care if I’ve seen my last PR, so long as I can run healthy and strong in old age.

Still true!

I started a run streak to celebrate consistency but learned this:

consistently listening to my body > a mile a day.

Bye bye, carelessness

Like many women, I was sickened and heartbroken over the Eliza Fletcher story this year.

My running habits changed as a result.

Put plainly, I was careless prior to this very sad Providence and am now carrying a torch for running safety.

If the incident seems far away or forgettable due to our 24 hour news cycle, I beg you to rethink your stance!

Ladies, we have to be safe.

Bye bye, carelessness.

Bye bye, 2022

One of my very first Run Lift Mom episodes with World Record Chasers Brandon McCormick and Mike DeRosa was about “strategic quitting”…and that’s exactly what I did all year.

…still, it was a great year.

At the time of this writing, I still have a marathon to run (my fourth 26.2 of the year) and am knocking on 1750 total miles.

What about 2023?

I’ve already got a few races lined up for the upcoming year:

  • Southern Tour 50 miler (January)
  • Oak Island 26.2 (February)
  • Myrtle Beach 26.2 (March)
  • Blackbeard’s Revenge 100 miler (March)
  • Boston Marathon (April)

Will I see you at any of these? Drop me a line on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Somebody is going to ask- this isn’t Pavel. He’s still kickin’ though!