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2023 Myrtle Beach Marathon Recap


I have done the Myrtle Beach marathon several times.

Once shortly after having the triplets as a friend-a-versary trip, in 2021 specifically as a Boston qualifying attempt, and again for funsies in 2022.

My fourth time at this race was part of a larger training strategy for Blackbeard’s 100 Miler, which takes place at the end of the month.

I intentionally scheduled in several races as long efforts for Blackbeard’s- Southern Tour 50 Miler in January, Oak Island two weeks ago, and this one.

It’s been an enjoyable approach!

In this way, I’m doing long runs but with the camaraderie of the running community and energy of a race environment.

Channeling Kenny Powers with these glasses


This race is really easy in terms of logistics!

There’s an option to have your bib mailed and there is plenty of parking at Broadway at the Beach.

I saw a few friends prior to the start, which is always a nice extra dose of excitement.

Miles 1-10

From the start, it’s clear Capstone Races knows exactly what they are doing.

The start area is well organized and there are aid stations with water and Gatorade very other mile.

Consistent with years past, it felt comfortably crowded the first portion of the race.

There are enough people to feel like you are running with a group, not so many there are bottlenecks or aid station clogs.

Miles 10-20

This is an awesome on foot tour of Myrtle Beach- downtown tourist area, alongside the ocean path, and centrally located residential areas.

Real talk: this is not the most posh beach ever…

…but if you want a coastal spot with 90s nostalgia, there’s nowhere better!

If, like me, you came here in high school for spring break you’ll recognize spots like Peaches Corner, Gay Dolphin, and (former) Magic Attic.

Since this was a training effort, I didn’t really have a time goal.

I was feeling pretty great around mile 15 and decided to pick up the pace from 8:20/mile pace to right under 8 minute miles.

Miles 20-26.2

I was able to maintain pace in the final miles, securing a negative split (where the second half is faster than the first).

In the end, my 69th lifetime marathon was 3:31:53- 6 minutes slower than my best on this course.

That said, I am only two weeks out from a PR so I was very pleased!

It’s a Boston qualifying time, which is always a win.

As I’m writing this, I’m 24 hours out and it’s amazing how much better I feel than a couple of weeks ago.

A more conservative pace contributes to better recovery (thanks, Captain Obvious!).

Who should do this race?

This would be a great first marathon or half marathon.

It’s well attended with a lot of volunteer and fuel support on course, easy logistics, and extra swag (there’s a long sleeve participant shirt plus a gender specific finisher tank).

Spectators can see their runners at multiple points (note: a vehicle is needed here).

Weather is the only wildcard. Sometimes it’s freezing in early March and sometimes it gets up to 80 by the end of the race (case in point: this year!).

What’s next?

As alluded to earlier, I’ve got Blackbeard’s 100 mile in three weeks.

My goal is to finish the 100 healthy and uninjured so I can enjoy running Boston three weeks after!

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