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3 Keys to Running Success for Beginners


Here are 3 keys to running success for beginners.

Heck, they are great takeaways for experience runners, too!

Here’s what 18 years of marathon running and 8 years of coaching has taught me (and you can take it to the bank!):

reminder it doesn't matter how slow you go as long as you don't stop

1. Positive attitude

You need to own a positive attitude. Not every run is going to be rainbows and sunshine…and that’s okay.

When you have a bad run, it’s important to look at it as a learning experience and move on.

Honor the experience as a way to recognize the great runs (cause,. you wouldn’t recognize the good without the bad, right?!)

Reminder: every run is a learning experience

2. Willingness to Learn

It’s important to be a student of the sport and that can come in many forms, from listening to running podcasts to reading books about training to engaging with other runners.

Running is highly individualized, so you may find your best personal formula by combining key concepts from a variety of places.

As an example, my flexible training plans are a combination of several methodologies (CrossFit Endurance, Furman FIRST, Hal Higdon) plus a working knowledge of busy people’s schedules and recreational running goals.

Perhaps you’ll take my minimum effective dose system and adapt it some more- good for you!

Reminder before intensity, try consistency

3. Desire to perfect the fundamentals

Most runners would agree on the following as running fundamentals:

  • mindset
  • body awareness
  • running mechanics
  • mobility and recovery practices

I considered putting a general understanding of programming (for example, most coaches and fitness professionals agree runners should not exceed weekly volume by more than 10% each week) but left it off on purpose.

Let’s not have a long list to keep you from getting out the door!

Running mindset list for say this not that

Want to go deep?

I hope these keys to running success have been helpful for you!

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