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3 Steps to Posting Your First TikTok


Are you wondering how to publish your first TikTok video? Here are 3 steps to posting your first TikTok for your podcast (or, just for fun!):

1: Get to know TikTok

TikTok has experienced massive growth in the last 12 months with nearly 1 billion monthly active users. This means opportunity for podcasters or running coaches to get out of their warm market.

Are you new to TikTok? Let’s start with a brief. When you open the app, you’ll see two feeds side-by-side. The first feed is called “For You”.

Most users spend 75% of their time on the For You page. It’s sort of like the Instagram Explore page.

You’ll see a wide variety of stuff here, some of which is tailored for you and some that TikTok is using to get to know you better as a user- popular videos, brand-new content, and videos that may soon go viral.

Remember this: TikTok is like a Pandora station- the more time you spend there, the more tailored it will be to you, your interests, and what you like to engage with.

Next to the For You page is your Following feed. Here, you’ll see only the content of accounts you’ve chosen to follow- very similar to Facebook or Instagram.

A great way to get started with TikTok is to follow accounts of brands, businesses, and influencers in a similar niche but that aren’t necessarily competition.

2: Record your first video

TikTok lets you record 15- or 60-second videos and you make your choice at the bottom of the recording screen within the app.

You can shoot videos of up to 60 seconds, but I don’t recommend you begin there. Start with 15 seconds and get the hang of creating short videos before you go for the full minute.

On the recording screen, you’ll see features that let you record and edit within the TikTok app. Let’s start with the features you see along the right side of the screen, starting from the top.

The first option is the flip functionality, which lets you switch between the front and back cameras on your phone.

Next up is speed, which allows you to control the final playback speed of your videos. If you record a video at 3X speed, it will actually record a lot slower but play back three times faster.

If you record at 0.3X speed, it will record really fast and then slow everything down in the final playback speed.

The fourth option is filters similar to what you’d find on Snap or Instagram.

You’ll find filters designed for your skin (pro tip: beauty feature rids fine lines but can look super fake in the wrong lighting!), architecture and landscapes, food, etc. You can even mix and match filters to produce a unique look!

The timer is below filters and has several uses. First and foremost, it allows you to record hands-free, which is great.

Decide whether you need a 3-second or 10-second head start to set up your shot or move to a different place in the shot.

When you hit “start”, the clock will countdown so put down the phone, position yourself in the shot, and wait for the recording to start.

set TikTok Timer settings

Choose your sound

At the very top of the screen, you’ll see the sounds option. Click this icon to add music or an audio clip to your video.

In the Sounds library, you can search for sounds, look through playlists, and choose from TikTok-recommended music.

You can also use the sound from someone else’s video by clicking the spinning circle in the lower right corner. This will open up directly to your recoding camera.

TikTok Sounds library

You can also record your own sound for your video. To do this, tap and hold down the big red button while you record. Once you publish, your video’s audio will then become a sound within the TikTok app for others to use.

Use text in your video

When you review your TikTok video in playback mode, you can add text and stickers.

A text overlay can add to the narrative of your TikTok videos. Unlike silent watchers on Instagram and Facebook, most people are watching TikTok for 60 minutes per day with the sound on.

The text should simply complement your message!

To add text to your video, tap the “text” icon at the bottom of the screen and type your text on the screen. If you then click off of the text you’ve added, you can pinch to resize it or drag it to a different part of the screen.

TikTok Text icon

To change the typeface, tap to select the text and choose Edit from the pop-up menu.

You can change the duration of your text so part of a thought shows up and is then replaced with another. That simply requires a double tap, “select duration”, and some pinching!

3: Caption your post

When you’re happy with your video, hit the “next” button to move to the screen where you create your post. This is where you add your caption, hashtags, and choose a cover image.

Add a caption

There’s a 150-character limit for your TikTok caption, which includes any hashtags you add. The goal is to keep your caption tight.

Focus on keywords that tell TikTok exactly whom to put your video in front of and make sure you proofread your text. Once you publish, you can’t go back and edit the caption.

Choose hashtags

Next, add hashtags that are mostly niched down to improve discoverability. TikTok auto-populates a bunch of hashtag suggestions, which makes it easier to find niche hashtags.

When you’re initially building your account, try to stay in the 5- 6 figure search counts for hashtags. Don’t go into the millions until you have videos that are consistently performing above 20K views.

A hashtag with 15K views, for example, would be perfect for anyone starting on TikTok who is trying to find their niche.

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