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3 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Fall Race


Decisions, decisions! Here are 5 ways to prepare for your next Fall race:

1. Align with personal goals

Begin with the end in mind. What do you hope to accomplish?

Are you running just for fun or to run a personal record (PR)?

Are you running as part of training for a longer distance race? Like, a 5K within a half marathon plan?

Or are you running to help raise money for charity? A long term effort?

Pssst- if that’s the case, I’d love to help you with fundraising through an Aloette running workshop. You’ll get 25% of the associated purchases toward your cause. Request one here.

Figure out what your end goal is, and you’ll know what to opportunities are available both virtually and/or in person.

2. Safety guidelines

Remember, races that are planning for in person right now could easily turn virtual last minute, so your willingness to be flexible is important!

You may even consider running some of your long effort “dress rehearsals” in a mask- in many places, it’s considered required gear for large sports gatherings.

I like the Lite Air masks by Airinum, a Swedish company, because they have a N95 design and feel as breathable as a disposable mask.

Who knows? Maybe you won’t need it on race day. If you do, though? You’ll be ready!

3. Weather for training, not race day

Everyone always defaults to race day weather when choosing a Fall race- and that’s fine.

I want you to be comfortable on that day.

That said, consider the total amount of time you spend training versus on the day of the actual race.

Now, align your race dates with that instead of the single day of the event.

run lift mom 5K

Do you have a preference for running in cooler versus hot weather?

You may consider a race day in November. That will ensure you are training in September and October.

A September race day will mean you are training in August, possibly even dipping into July (depending on how long your event is). If that’s the case, I hope you like getting up really early. Or treadmills.

Don’t ignore the day completely, though- look at the weather conditions from previous years (like rain) to get an idea of what to expect during a race that’s weeks away.

Need a plan?

Click on the image below to get your free 5K flexible training schedule + 5 day email course!

Please note you will be enrolled in a 5 day email course when you claim your schedule; this is to ensure you understand the concept and can follow the provided 8 week template ($30 value).

run lift mom training

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