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4 Interval Training Ideas for Your Next Run


Bored with straight up mileage? Here are 4 interval training ideas for your next run.

The following is a list of my favorite workouts I’ve done to make time go a little faster & make the work a little more focused.

I like to run (because, of course) but these workouts can also be performed on an indoor bike, elliptical, rower, or arc machine at your local gym.

Melissa, shown above, was a guest on the podcast!

Friendly reminder: always warm up at least five minutes before and cool down for another five after your workout!


3 minutes on + 1 minute off x 4-6 sets

“on” should feel hard but sustainable

“off” = easy running effort (NOT stop/hop off the machine!)

I like to close my eyes & visualize the start a race or the effort of running hard up a hill during the “on”. This is a good choice for practicing your tempo or race pace.



The numbers listed are the “on” (hard) phases in order. Take half the “on” as “off” (easy) before moving on to the next “on”.

Example: [1min on], :30 off, [2min on], 1min off, [3min on], 1:30 off, etc up to 5min on and then work back down.

The “on” pace should be a level 8 out of 10 perceived exertion, with 10 being as fast and hard as you can possibly go.


10 min: increase intensity every 2min (either increase speed if outdoors or resistance if you are on a machine) x 2-3 sets

If you are on a machine, don’t go so fast you start to hop around and almost fall off the machine—increase resistance instead to keep your running form from getting sloppy!

photo of person using treadmill
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


3 min easy, 2 min moderate/tempo, 1min hard/sprint x 3-6 sets

“easy” machine effort = easy running pace effort

“moderate” = hard but sustainable

“hard” = sprint!

Begin with three sets and work your way up to six. This is an intense workout!

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