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4 reasons why you should go for a technology free run


Here are 4 reasons to consider going for a technology-free run, sparked my current running streak + some really rainy recent mornings.

I didn’t want to break my streak of at least one mile on these days…but I also didn’t want to destroy my phone or wrestle with it in a ziplock bag.

One particular morning, my watch was out of battery (please tell me I’m not the only one who forgets to put it on the charger!) so I was completely technology free.


My phone was waiting safely for me on the porch, away from the downpour!

This experience reminded me how important it is to purposely incorporate technology free running into my routine and I believe everyone should do it every so often.

Here are some considerations for tech free days:

1. Remove some of the pressure you put on yourself

Running with a watch allows you to compete with yourself physically and mentally every single workout.

Are you in a social sharing community like Strava? Great- now your ego is involved. You may feel pressure to perform for others every single workout.

It’s easy to get so caught up with our mile splits we forget to appreciate our small victories – like the fact we’re out there doing something good for ourselves – whether we have a spectacular or lousy workout.

In fact, we often forget to just remember why we like to run in the first place!

Going for a run and letting how your body feels guide you is something I don’t do nearly enough. How about you?

2. Enjoy your surroundings

During my watch and phone free run, I was amazed by how much I typically miss on my usual running route because I’m listening to podcast episodes or glancing at my watch.

Without any distractions, I noticed heat lightning in the distance (side note: this is such a beautiful sight and easily missed!).

I heard bullfrogs waking up with the day in a nearby creek.

I chatted with a fellow runner I passed who provided encouragement. Yes, there are other people awake at 4:30!

I heard the sound of my own breathing and how my feet hit the pavement so I could adjust my form or speed as needed.

In short, I was more focused in the moment. As a result, experienced some wonderful “little moments” along the way!

3. Purposeful thinking time

When I’m listening to music on a run, I’m singing along with the songs in my head. Podcast or audio book? Now I’m focused on the content I’m learning or the story being told.

Nothing is wrong with either of these things (especially if you need to dissociate!), but rarely can I also hear myself think. And this is in life, not just running- I’m the Mom of triplets + 1!

It’s amazing what you can get done when you shut off the noise and just have time with yourself to think.

If you’re anything like me, you need quiet time before (or, maybe it’s in the middle of or after for you) a hectic day.

In fact, I wrote half this post in my head during my last run!

person wearing white silicone strap black smart watch
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

4. Simplicity

If you’re anything like me, there are too many days when I wake up to realize I forgot to charge my gadgets prior to my morning run.

Or, even worse, despite gobs of Visible Aid, I still get nasty chafe marks when it is rainy or I’m covered in sweat.

Running without your gadgets gives you one less thing to worry about charging, and one less area to worry about getting chaffed.

It’s the simple things, am-I-right?!

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