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6 reasons to run the Bismarck Marathon

1. Weather. I’ve been doing 5 am long runs all summer to beat the heat, so this was very welcome on race day:
2. Same day packet pick up. It’s not easy to get to Bismarck, North Dakota. My flight arrived at 10pm the night prior, so I appreciated this option. They didn’t charge for it, either (looking at you with angry eyes, Myrtle Beach).
3. Held on a Saturday. Most marathons are on a Sunday and cannibalize the entire weekend. I attached this to the end of a work trip, allowing my to maximize my weekend (& childcare coverage!).
4. Race includes a relay. This is great for a few reasons: 1. creates the feeling of a larger field, so you’re never lonely on the course 2. relay runners with fresh legs are good pacers 3. more participants mean more spectators, like this handsome 4 legged fella: 
5. Swag. I need a race tee like I need a hole in the head, but know I’ll get great use out of a long sleeve, wicking 1/4 zip. I’m famous for overdressing on training runs, so a 1/4 zip allows me to bundle up and then zip down when I inevitably get too hot. The hat is a nice touch, too (all participants get both pieces). I also got a jacket for making the podium!
6. Flat, fast course. I was hoping for sub 4, stretch goal 3:40 (Boston qualifying time for women my age). I earned a 3:30 and 2nd female overall! 

Sure, I had things going for me during this training cycle: plenty of hill running, CrossFit keeping me injury free, great support system. That said, the conditions still have to align on race day (including the course) if that is going to mean anything.

This wasn’t a personal record for me, but it’s only 2 minutes off (my PR was 5 years, 2 pregnancies, and 4 kids ago). I’m really proud the performance reflects the work I put in this summer!
Thanks to my Husband, Mom, and Mother in Law for this very generous 35th birthday present (childcare coverage, airfare, registration). State number 42- CHECK!