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Top 3 Ways to Fix Plantar Fasciitis for Runners


Looking for the top 3 was to fix plantar fasciitis for runners? I’ve got some ideas for you!

First, let’s talk about what plantar fasciitis is in the first place:

Plantar Fasciitis is a common injury seen in runners, pregnant women, barefoot runners who transition too quickly, and people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

So, active moms who run.

Check, check.

The take-to-the-bank sign is sharp pain in the heel first thing in the morning. 

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Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

What is your body telling you?

Usually sharp and intense, pain from Plantar Fasciitis starts in the heel and may run along the bottom of the foot.

It’s the worst after a period of rest (read: sleep), when the ligament gets stiff and needs to be stretched out again.

The problem most active moms have? The pain often goes away completely after the ligament gets stretched out after periods of walking around or working out.

So you’re like, “oh, I must not be injured cause it’s not bothering me anymore!”

It’s not that don’t have Plantar Fasciitiis- you just don’t feel it if you exercise first thing or start attending to your children’s needs soon after your alarm goes off.

Pay special attention to what your body is telling you in the morning!

How do you fix it?

Here’s the bad news: treating PF is not a quick fix.

The ultimate goal is to reduce irritation then strengthen the plantar fascia- it takes time!

1: Proper stretching

Basic calf stretches and heel dips are really helpful. I’m talking lengthening and holding- gym class style.

If you have voo doo floss or resistance bands, even better.

You want to get used to doing these after every run, regardless of whether you have plantar fasciitis. If you have it, you should spend additional time here and pair stretching in this specific area with strengthening exercises as well.

2: Consistent strengthening

Strengthening is the ultimate goal for successful rehab. Balance and Control is important for strengthening all our little stabilizer muscles and improving our proprioception. 

image from Aetrex

My friends at Aetrex have an amazing guide with 10 different foot and ligament strengthening movements (bonus: you can do them under your desk at the office!).

I’ve shared a couple of them on video:

These kinds of things are my favorite because it essentially means you can improve your running without running.

Plantar fasciitis or not, this is a couple of inches in a game of inches!

3: Semirigid Orthotics

Custom orthotics can provide relief for many different types of foot pain including plantar fasciitis.

Types of orthotics vary, but there are three broad categories: those that are meant to change how the foot functions (“rigid”), those that protect the foot to reduce pain or discomfort (“soft”), and those that combine both aspects (“semirigid”)

Semirigid orthotics (versus a “rigid” or “soft”) are often used for athletes. They allow for dynamic balance of the foot while running or participating in sports.

image from Aetrex

By guiding the foot through proper functions, it allows the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently. It is constructed of layers of soft materials, reinforced with more rigid materials.

Arch support helps relieve common foot pains like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, and arch pain.

Strengthening is the ultimate goal for successful rehab. 

An additional, very important step is to modify your training. If you’re a runner this will involve playing with mileage and pace.

If you’re still doing high volume mileage (defined as more than 40 miles per week), I beg you to read this post!

What now?

Even though Plantar Fasciitis is not a quick fix, it’s not a life sentence either. With proper management it can be fixed! 

My friends at Aetrex have their Plantar Fasciitis 4 piece kit ($135.95 retail value) for $99 for a limited time; it comes with the following items:

image from Aetrex

I believe every runner needs this (I mean, the Aetrex Orthodic flip flops alone are $59.95 and worth every penny as a pair of recovery shoes in your race bag!)

I’d love to hear what’s working for you. Drop me an audio note to tell me!

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