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Aloette Mother’s Day Gift Bundles


Are you looking for Aloette Mother’s Day Gift Bundles?

Or something for Military Spouse Appreciation Day (hint, hint: you should celebrate this if you’ve earned it!)?

We have three money saving Aloette Mother’s Day gift bundles this year!

Bento Box + Lip Shine

The bento box is a customizable magnetic case with 3 eye silks + 2 face/cheek (your color choice on all 5), allowing you to swap out colors for eye, cheek, and face seasonally.

If you need a color recommendation based on your skin tone and eye color, please contact me.

I’ll simply need a photo of you or the loved one you’re being for and I can provide recommendations for your box.

The lip shine is vegan and free of any gluten, so if you have a sensitivity you can pucker up with confidence!

Hand Couture + Hand Polish

This is probably my favorite bundle for weightlifters because the hand polish works nicely on calloused hands from the barbell and the anti aging hand cream is a perfect step two.

Of course, runners could use it on their feet in the same way as well!

This is a great gift for any age and the duo looks beautiful as part of a larger basket or display, too.

Visible Aid + Nutri-Hydrating Mist

This is my favorite of the Aloette Mother’s Day Bundles for Moms who spend a lot of time outdoors. Here’s why:

Both products are insanely versatile!

As an example, the same Visible Aid my Husband used to heal his new tattoo can also be used on an expecting Momm’s belly to prevent stretch marks.

When she has some leftover, that same tube can be a barrier cream for her newborn to prevent diaper rash.

The Nutri-Hydrating mist is great for:

  • a post run treat (pro tip: refrigerate if you’re using like this- so soothing!)
  • preventing bug bites without harsh chemicals before an evening in the yard
  • soothing skin after a shave (your legs, your man’s face or head!)

This is another one that’s great for post tattoo care as well. Maybe this should be called “the inked Mom bundle“!

Training Plan

Okay, it’s not part of Aloette Mother’s Day Bundles but at least one distance is always free and you can give a great experience alongside these bundles. Keep this for yourself or gift it!

It is a downloadable system, complete with printable schedule templates. If I’m being honest, it is a gift within itself.

Pssst- I have a special discount for the listeners of my podcast. The code is not published in print anywhere. You must listen to the show!

Save a bunch of money so you can get something for yourself, too.