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Ultimate Aloette Rep Guide: A Team


This is the (unofficial) ultimate Aloette rep guide: A Team.

That’s our name because “A”: Aloette and we have a soft spot for 80s references.

Don’t take it too seriously- it’s meant to be funny and playful! Let’s get to the Aloette rep guide…

We have a solid crew of leaders to help you find your happy place; your immediate sponsor or upline will be your first point of contact going going forward.

This Aloette rep guide was created to serve as a reference you can revisit- bookmark and come back as needed!.

What should I do as I wait for my starter kit?

Unlike other direct selling companies, 5 out of 7 of Aloette’s quick start incentives can be done at any time.

We think this is a great thing because it eliminates the sense of urgency and allows you to plan your business and launch strategically.

Here are some additional things you can do to get your business started off on the right foot:

1. Familiarize Yourself with Your Back Office

As soon as you join, you’ll have access to your back office by going to team.aloette.com

You’ll use the email and password you set when you joined. If you can’t remember what that is, simply email bizsupport@aloette.com and we’ll reset it for you!

2. Set a Learn Goal

It is helpful to have a macro level of what onboarding looks like as you schedule a meeting with your sponsor and choose your top 8 products.

Check out these YouTube training videos to learn about internal resources, what to do in the first 24 hours, and what to do in the first seven days!

2.  Social Media

Brainstorm with your sponsor to decide which social media will support your business. Note we said support, not base.

We’ve seen a lot of reps crash and burn when they build their primary business on Facebook or Instagram.

Remember, you don’t own those places. Use them to support your efforts, but don’t build your house there.

There are a variety of social media platforms out there you can use to complement your business- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok.

No matter which one(s) you use, download the 3 Ps of Social Content Workbook or listen to the podcast episode about content creation:

Here are some videos that will put social media and personal branding in context for you:

If you intend to whole private virtual events for hostesses, we have templates exclusive to our team you can use!

Remember: you can hold events on Facebook, Sqwee, ZOOM, Instagram, or via text message.

You’ll be added to our private Facebook group when you join and you can check out the guides section for reference. This Aloette rep guide is intended to be an overview- you can go deep over there.

Also check the “Files” section of the team page for great information that is labeled and categorized for quick reference!

Bonus points for doing an “unboxing” of your starter kit (5-7 days shipping) on social media!

Don’t forget to follow @aloette on Instagram; this is our corporate handle and it’s run by our PR firm. We hold tutorials, product giveaway, and lots of fun stuff there for customers can get involved with!

3. Schedule Your Launch!

Let your network know you are open for business! I challenge you to start with a Facebook or Instagram Live video about your newest venture to build interest! 

If going live scares you, just be authentic with a post. Remember- curiosity creates interest. You don’t have to spill your business plan- just let folks know you are representing the Aloette brand.

Your launch party can take place in your home with some girlfriends over wine, through a Facebook group, Instagram through the close friends feature, or a combination. You can do an open 3 day party (we even have a template!) or a 60 minute “epic style” event.

Your sponsor will team up with you on this, so don’t let product knowledge be a barrier.

4. Book more events or partnerships

Once you’ve done your launch, have your friends start hosting online events for you as well! It’s a great way for them to get shopping sprees just for hosting, and for you to expand your client base.

Note: you can also use the Influencer Style System – here’s where the road forks for some reps versus others. And that’s the beauty of this brand- both ways work.

If you are the virtual event type, here is a quick post you can have your friends put on their Facebook profiles with a photo of themselves (you may need to lovingly encourage them here- they’ll get more responses if they show up visually!): 

Who else loves clean beauty that works? I’m going to be hosting a {THEME} event with my friend {rep} – who wants to hang with us and preview this line? Comment below and I will add you

You can get pre-made graphics from the rep only social sharing group or use an app like Canva or PicMonkey to create your own.

For more an in-depth look at how to have a successful party, ask your Sponsor for access to party specific training resources we have created for different platforms.

As you are thinking of who could book with you, remember two things:

  1. always aim to book an event hostess from your current event. Participants make the best “next host” because they understand what an Aloette event is like; you’ll still have to do some hostess coaching, but they’ll know what to expect.
  2. keep a list of potential hostesses – it’s natural instinct to want to beat these people’s doors down in your initial weeks as a rep (after all, you’re excited!) but we recommend you simply keep a list and work your way through at a moderate pace.

5. Grow your Customer Base &/or Team

This step in the Aloette rep guide is optional.

As you hit a stride after your launch and first few events, you’ll decide if you want a team. Note: you do not need to recruit to increase personal commissions at Aloette

When you are ready to build a team, you can utilize the biweekly opportunity events on our company page as your 3rd party resource. Always hosted by someone different for varying perspectives, here’s what the opportunity events are like:

Your prospecting formula will go something like this:


1. Salutation: hey _____, (name)

2. Enticing First Sentence (something you can relate to with the prospect)

3. Why you are Messaging them

4. Connection, What is this about, Excitement 

5. End with question 

Potential Customer: 

Hi Jane! How are you? Congratulations on running the 5K last weekend. I’m reaching out because I found a great skincare line for busy people.

The products are made with aloe vera (healing properties, anti-inflammatory!). I think you’d love them too. Would you be interested in checking the brand out? 

Potential Business Builder: 

Hi Jane! How are you? I almost didn’t reach out to you but decided to anyway.  I know you are an active person who values wellness.  You seem to be very confident and motivated. I think you may want to take a look at what I do. Can I send you over some info? (Send any 3rd party tool including the company opportunity event)

Keep track of who you ask and advance the conversations.

6. Manage your Business

The biggest key to having success with this is to have fun, be genuinely interested in others and want to grow relationships. 

Be consistent and diligent with your follow ups and always have something to invite someone to or update them on, like contents of the newest Beauty Box, a Purchase with Purchase favorite, or an upcoming discont. 

Follow the 2 – 2 – 2 follow up plan: 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months

Make notes of reach outs and response in a planner or your back office. This helps you to be more authentic in the next follow up!

Final thoughts

You only need 3 things to do well here: 1. positive attitude 2. willingness to learn 3. desire to perfect the fundamentals

Provide amazing customer service

Energy = Attraction and Attraction = Momentum

Be authentic, be sincere, be interactive and make a real connection.

We’re not just selling skincare and beauty, we’re building relationships. 

It’s easy to quit a product, it’s hard to quit a person.