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Best Apps for Aloette Reps


You want to work smart, not hard right? Let’s talk about the best apps for Aloette reps.

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Make that Aloette. I’m still cleaning up my website!

You don’t need to be a tech nerd to appreciate these apps for what they are: time savers. This likely isn’t your full time job, so do more with limited time with these apps for Aloette!

1: Canva

There are many graphic design apps out there, but this is the one I recommend. Why? Most Aloette reps use it. That means, you can share and edit files and match styles or fonts. You can create training resources when it’s time to build a team. I provide my team with lead magnet documents they can use as freebies with their customers!

I’ve used Canva beyond ZYIA, too- for business proposals in my podcast business, YouTube video covers, Pinterest images for this blog, and more.

Canva provides a ton of great resources for learning, too if you’re thinking, “I’m no designer, lady!”

I went an entire year of my business without paying for the Pro version ($100 annually). That was dumb!

I have saved so much time with the resizing feature alone- you can also remove backgrounds, have access to premium photos, shapes, and fonts.

2: Record It!

This is a free app that allows you to screen record on places like Facebook and Instagram so you can share video with your customer base. Has to go in the apps for Aloette list!

Now, don’t be shady- get permission to use someone else’s video. CutStory (99 cents to remove watermark for life) is a great compliment to Record It! but not totally necessary. CutStory allows you to crop video or add basic text or stickers.

3: CinchShare

If you value your time, CinchShare is a no brainer. This app is best for parties and Facebook VIP groups, our team has a shared folder with ready made templates and party themes you can use

Tailwind: ideal for bloggers or podcasters who use Pinterest to funnel website traffic. This one can also be used for Instagram. Best for long game growth!

Personally, I struggled with Pinterest until I got Tailwind. I need another scheduler like an overuse injury, but I’m happy to pay for it because Pinterest is my #1 source of traffic for this website.

Not my swipe up on Instagram- Pinterest.

HelloWoofy: a must for those who have a presence across multiple social media platforms, including TikTok.

If you are some sort of brand rep ninja with multiple brands or manage more than one social media account, the artificial intelligence for HelloWoofy will change the game for specific reach!

Note: the above links are affiliate, meaning I get a small kickback if you decide the services are a great fit for you. My kids’ college accounts thank you!

4: MixCaptions

Video is king on social media and you are going to want videos.

If you’re recording videos , you’re going to want people to see them .

Problem is, 80% of social media users are “silent viewers”, meaning they don’t watch with the sound on.

This is where captions come in.

My episode with Sue B Zimmerman aka The Instagram Expert (no, really- that’s her business name!) pointed this hack out and it changed the impression game for me and my ZYIA teammates (I ws there, not at Aloette, at the time!)

This app is fee based (pay for what you use), but you can load up all those Apple gift cards you’re earning from your upline into it & it won’t break the bank!

While you’re thinking about reviews, here are some good tips in addition to captioning them:

5: Voxer

I am on a large team with an insane amount of people- 5,000, which is almost half the company. That crew, and subsidiaries of it, largely communicates in Facebook groups

Here’s the problem: I don’t trust 5,000 people. I don’t care if we do sell the same brand.

It’s not a lack of abundance thinking- it’s a personal bandwidth thing and a need for intimacy in working closely with the people who I bring into the business personally.

Voxer is the best thing to happen to long distance friendships.

This app is essentially a walkie talkie on your phone- you can connect it to bluetooth and have conversations in your ear played at faster speeds (like a podcast!) and get to know someone who lives in Oklahoma or Illinois on an intimate level when you’re on the East Coast.

I know what you’re thinking. “Hey friend, I have an iPhone, Facebook, or Instagram messenger for that! I use the voice feature!”

I’m here to tell you Voxer is more intuitive, has better audio quality, and easier to use. The only barrier on this one is getting people to join you because they think they don’t need another app.

The free version allows you to send video up to :60, links, photos, and files. You can have one on one dialogue, small group, or large group conversations.

Give me more apps for Aloette (or any brand!)

I’d love to hear which app you use for your passion project or small business. You can comment below or, if you want to be on an upcoming bonus episode of Run Lift Mom, leave a voice message up to :60 here.

Tell me: 1. who you are 2. what app you love 3. why you love it

I’ll even link to your social media or business page as I promote the episode!

Let’s Chat!

What is Aloette?

Aloette is an established brand that provides 25% Commission at the start for affiliate style selling. 

If you have a blog, podcast, or affiliate strategy it is ideal because there are no minimums or rep fees. As the busy mama of 4, it’s simply made more sense for me because there isn’t a sense of urgency every Wednesday, chronic sell outs, or party structures.

You can even earn higher commissions through sales instead of or in addition to team building. 

I would love to tell you more. Reach out to me here!

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