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Best Bras Under $50 at Senita Athletics


Are you wondering about the best bras under $50 at Senita Athletics?

Allow me to share a little about my own experience here.

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Sarah Sports Bra ($29-31)

This is, hands down, my favorite bra Senita offers. Here’s why:

First, it’s not too much bra. During the upcoming hot and humid summer, I’ll want something with a scoop and not as much upper chest material.

Second, the pocket. Because, of course.

I wear shorts instead of pocket leggings almost all Spring and Summer, so it creates a problem when I don’t have anywhere to put it and want to be hands free.

Third, the price. Another of course!

One caveat here: if you are large chested (D or over), this probably won’t be your favorite. You’ll want to look at the next as your go to option…

Run Free High Impact Bra ($43)

Looking for a high impact bra? Stop wearing two bras at once and check this one out!

I love the extra details like the hidden side pocket, wireless earbud pockets on front shoulder straps, and non-removable cups (mostly because I’m lazy and won’t take them out anyway- they always end up bunched up in the bra itself or lost).

This bra is considered true to size, but order based on your compression preference. The lower end of your size will be more tight, high end of your size will have a more comfort fit.

Other details:

  • Cross Back adjustable straps
  • High Neck, full coverage
  • Clasp closure in the back
  • Zip up front
  • Longer front length

Stow and Go Sports Bra ($30)

This is another great one for the pocket, especially if you have a large phone. I have a 12 with a big thick Otterbox case and it’s perfect!

If you are on the itty bitty titty committee, the thick seam in front and gentle V create the illusion of more.

I’m not sure why the website says low impact here- to me (and I’ve double checked with other Senita sisters!), this is more a medium impact bra.

I’ve gone as far as 8 miles in it with zero issues and another gal had gone 12!

I personally love this margarita color because it’s bright and functional but this style is somewhat regular in the Senita rotation!

This bra does have removable molded cups. If you’re as forgetful or bad as laundry as I am, it’s nice to know Senita offers replacement pads for $8!

Side note: that’s a great Easter basket item or stocking stuffer for a woman who already has a solid collection of gear.

A note on sizing

Senita has a new sizing chart (below), so make sure you’re looking at the correct one if you’ve been shopping this brand for years.

This is an effort to be more consistent across the brand (can I get a HECK YEAH?!) but we are in that in between zone right now.

If an item was released after February 2022, you’re using the new chart. Prior to that? Check the old and/or reviews before ordering.

It should also be noted some people like their bras more compressive than others. Me? I have fake boobs so while I like compression I don’t need it for function.

You may size up (comfort) or down (compression) based on personal preference or if you’re in between sizes.

What have you tried?

I would love to hear what items you have tried.

This sports bra post is by request, as many of you saw some Senita Athletics sports bras on my Strava posts. What can I say? I’m a bra only kinda gal!

In case you missed it, here’s my deep dive on bottom half items (joggers, shorts, pants).

Want a discount?

Use the code RLM to receive 15% off your purchase. This used to be only for new customers, but now it’s for any purchase. Hooray!

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