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Boston Marathon 2024


Wasn’t sure the Boston marathon was going to happen at all this year. 

I mean, I was wearing a soft cast only four days prior after my injury at Blackbeard’s Revenge 100.

Nonetheless, I earned my 7th unicorn. 

It wasn’t fast or comfortable, but I did it…and here’s how it went: 


I usually make this trip solo, but Trey came with this time! 

We enjoyed visits with friends and family in New Hampshire and suburbs of Boston a couple days prior to the race. 

Personal opinion alert: this makes Boston the best kind of trip- face to face time with people we love + running on the best stage in the world!

Race day

On race day, I met up with a friend from college, Meredith. 

We rode the bus to Hopkinton together and enjoyed making new friends in Athlete’s Village.

Fact: Boston is a lot of “hurry up and wait”!

If you’re able to plan ahead and spend the time with someone you want to catch up with, it’s highly recommended.

Miles 1-10

A green light from the Doctor meant I could do the race, but I only ran a single mile between Blackbeards Revenge 100 and Boston…so to say I was de-conditioned is an understatement

Around mile 4, I knew it was going to be a loooonnng day. 

Add to that, it was hot – and my idiot self wore leggings. 


Around mile 8 or 9, I knew my best case for finishing was a run walk ratio so I started using an 8:2 ratio.

Miles 10-20

Everyone always talks about Citgo sign, right on Hereford, Left on Boylston…

…but the majority of the Boston marathon course is through 7 beautiful New England towns on the way into the city:

Hopkinton, Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Wellesley, Newton, Brookline, then Boston.

Don’t sleep on these towns- they’re gorgeous, spectators are amazing, and the energy can carry you for the entire race!

The fifth of these is Wellesley, home of the namesake college and scream tunnel.

Nothing really prepares you for experiencing this. 

They call it “tunnel” because it’s a solid quarter mile of screaming students all holding signs pointing to the legend that if you kiss a Wellesley girl, you’ll have a great race. 

Kiss me, I’m in debt,” “Kiss me, I’m graduating” and “Kiss me if you’re not wearing any underwear

You can hear these gals a full mile before actually seeing them. It’s my favorite part of the race, hands down!

Here’s a bit more (worth the watch!):

Miles 20-26.2

Popular advice in the marathon world is to split the race mentally into 10 miles (set the pace) + 10 miles (hang on) + 6.2 (race).

While I didn’t race the last 10K per se, I did empty the tank.

It was discouraging to look at my watch around the 3:20 mark (my qualifying time for this race) and know I still had 10K to go…

…but that’s when I needed to remind myself the context- I was coming off an injury and blessed to be running in the first place.

I was still employing run walk ratios, though it was probably more like 6:4 at this point.

My self talk sounded like this: “forward is a pace, healthy finish

Somewhere between the Citgo sign and making my turns on Hereford and Boylston, a spectator had little American flags for those to take across the finish line.

I took one, because of course.


I finished in 4 hours, 37 minutes. My slowest marathon in a decade.

Am I embarrassed or frustrated?

Heck no!

You can’t defer the Boston marathon unless you’re pregnant (side note: huge win for women, but embarrassingly took BAA until 2024 to make this change) so my best case scenario was finishing healthy.

And I did!

What’s next?

I don’t have a qualifying time for 2025.

And I’m not turning my Summer upside down trying to get one.

Real talk: I’m not fast enough to achieve the 3:35 needed anymore (my qualifying time is 3:40 but runners actually need a 5 or so minute buffer to race, given the rolling admission process).

I’ve written about my current performance and recovery struggles before, but bottom line is I’ll need to wait until I age up (qualify in 2025 for 2026) so I have a comfortable 3:50 qualifying time (3:45 to race).

So, until then I’ll stick to local races. Here are the ones on my radar for 2024:

Emerald Isle Marathon

Calabash Turkey Trot

I’d love to know where you’re running for the rest of the year! Drop me a line on Instagram to let me know!