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Merry Christmas!


Real talk: I didn’t have enough space on our card this year for updates so this is my “easy button” to be as detailed as I want.


Christian (10, 4th grade) is our resident WWII historian.

He is an avid reader, has his orange belt in karate, and collects currency from different countries.

Winston Churchill biography project


Charlotte (8, 2nd grade), proud Swiftie, is a talented artist!

She does tumbling, lyrical dance, and loves accessories (the more sparkle, the better!).


Gideon (8, 2nd grade) has ran three 5Ks this year alongside karate, where he’s earned a yellow belt.

He wears a tie and sport coat to important school events, securing a school nickname “the President”.


Gabe (8, 2nd grade) is our resident comedian and a yellow belt in karate.

He’s a merman & enjoys swimming in any body of water, from pool to ocean to river.


Trey began a new job in software sales this year and has added karate to his movement practice.

He dusted off his Army uniform to do the retirement ceremony for an Air Force friend mid-year!


Suzy had lots of running adventures this year, including a 26.2 PR, 100 miler, and her 6th Boston marathon.

Other highlights:

Our family said goodbye to Pavel this Summer. He gave us 14 years of love and won’t be easily forgotten!

We enjoyed trips to Great Wolf Lodge, Williamsburg (twice!), and Disney World as a family.

We’re grateful to God for the blessings He’s bestowed on our family this year and for sending a Savior in Jesus Christ.

What a celebration Christmas is for all of us!

Praying for you this Christmas season,

The Goodwin Family