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Ellie Activewear March 2021 Viper Vibe Outfit


Looking for details on the Ellie Activewear March 2021 Viper Vibe Outfit?

This is a Jessica Simpson set, which intrigued me because I have loved her clothing line in the past but never tried the activewear. I wasn’t disappointed!

Ellie viper vibe

I chose Iridescent Dreams last month and all 6 pieces (3 pieces per Ellie outfit) coordinate really nicely.

  • Viper Vibe bra and shorts + Iridescent Dreams long sleeve (sidebar: I love wearing long sleeves with shorts in the Spring before it gets too hot!)
  • Iridescent Dreams leggings + Viper Vibe bra and tank
  • Iridescent Dreams bra + Viper Vibe tank + any solid color bottom

There are 18 outfits to choose from in March, including the Iridescent Dreams set and the ones I got in January (Island Splash) and December (Midnight Sky).

Ellie island dreams

So, if you were on the fence you can still jump off!

Here are the reviews on the past selections:

Ellie midnight sky

I have been really pleased with everything so far. Am I wearing this in my next ultramarathon? Probably not, but I’d definitely choose for an intense workout!

Go to the Ellie website to sign up and choose one of these outfits until the end of the month. If you are a current subscriber, you must choose or skip by the 4th of the month.

Here are all of the choices this month:

4 March 2021 Ellie outfit choices
4 March 2021 Ellie outfit choices
4 March 2021 Ellie outfit choices
4 March 2021 Ellie outfit choices
2 march 2021 ellie outfit choices

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