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Ellie Activewear May 2021 Paridiso Set


Looking for details on the Ellie Activewear May 2021 Paradiso Set?

Here’s a video if you miss hearing me talk live about torso hugs and bras as swim tops. Otherwise, read on!

Note: I was provided this set in exchange for my honest review. The links are not affiliate and I don’t make any commission – just sharing information!

Ellie, as a subscription service, works with a variety of brands. This is a Marika brand set and I have been pleased with their quality in the past in my Ellie packages.

No filter on the photo- want you to see the true colors!
Burnout meets twist back- does not hug torso
If floral on pink leopard doesn’t scream basic, I
don’t know what does!

I chose Midnight Sky a few months ago, which is a very basic navy crop top + leggings. The Paradiso set will work nicely in any combination:

  • Paridiso bra and top + Midnight Sky leggings
  • Paridiso leggings + Midnight Sky crop top
Ellie midnight sky

There are over 15 outfits to choose from in May, including a pretty legit knockoff of a $79 pair of twighlight ZYIA leggings if you like things that shimmer.

These aren’t the Ellie ones, but you could’ve fooled me (& saved me $45!)

You can use code FLOWER at checkout for 25% off your first box, too!

I have been really pleased with everything so far. Am I wearing this in my next ultramarathon? Probably not, but I’d definitely choose for an intense workout!

Go to the Ellie website to sign up and choose one of these outfits until the end of the month. If you are a current subscriber, you must choose or skip by the 4th of the month.

Here are all of the choices this month:

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