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Email templates for Aloette reps


Looking for email templates for Aloette reps? In an effort to serve our team, we have created these. Please don’t share them outside of A-Team.

We have these email scripts and outline templates for you, so that you can get started on creating your own newsletter, monthly update, follow-up emails, and more to send to your email list.

Before you start diving into the world of email marketing and these templates, here are some tips and tricks you should know about when it comes to email:

  1. Don’t overdo it with the graphics inside of your email broadcasts! Keep it simple and clean – don’t over complicate trying to put your branding inside your emails just yet, that can come later.Best tip: Keep it left justified and to the point. Most email marketing services will have branded email templates that you can choose from if the Graphics FOMO becomes too much.
  2. Subscribers who opt into your email list using email addresses from schools, government, or financial servers may not get your emails. Some email providers, particularly ones that your subscribers might use for work, may automatically block your email from getting into the inbox – wherever possible, try to have your subscribers use their personal email addresses.
  3. It takes time to train email providers that you are a reliable email sender of quality emails. Consistency is key here when it comes to emails – emailing your subscribers on a regular basis will help email providers learn that you mean business and can be trusted to not send spam or a chain email.
  4. Having your own email list is a guaranteed way to stay in touch with your customers. Email lists are yours; no one can take them away from you. It’s not Facebook, where you don’t own the platform and one day your group is randomly closed and everything is gone – email lists provide a direct form of communication that will only go away if you stop emailing your people. Think about this… social media platforms come and go, rules for emails start and can stop (Hello GDPR!), but what remains is that email continues to outperform when it comes to return on investment with your time. A good email open rate is 20+%, compared to 1-2% reach on social media posts. Pretty interesting stuff, am I right? We know, we are email nerds.
  1. Email should be purposeful, promotional, and full of personality. The 3Ps can be applied to email, too. You can customize email to be as personal or professional as you’d like – just don’t stop sending those emails out! Engagement is KEY when it comes to seeing results. Your email strategy should be a long-term project for your business.
  2. Three things you’ll need to get started on your email list are: high converting opt-in form, an email marketing service (like AWeber, ConvertKit, or ActiveCampaign), and a website/ blog. (Sassy Suite Web Services)

Alrighty, you’ve got some tips to get you started. Now let’s dig in on these templates. Don’t be afraid of customizing these to suit your business and just get started.

Template No 1 – Welcome Opt-in Response Template

Subject Line: Welcome to [Community/ Business Name]! Hey [NAME],

Thank you for signing up to receive my emails – I’m excited to connect with you and bring you more value from [put your business name here]. My mission is to [insert your business’s mission statement].

If you haven’t yet, follow me on social media! Find me on Facebook/ Instagram/ Pinterest/ Twitter/ Etc. I post [list here what you post and what value it provides to your audience].

Welcome to my community of [name of your group/ followers] and I look forward to seeing you soon!

See you in the next email! [Your Name]


NOTE: This email can be the first email that is sent after someone opts into your email list. Most of the time, people opting into your list will know you, but this is an opportunity to expand on that relationship. BONUS! By inviting them to your social media, you are creating an opportunity for engagement in the email (good thing to have) and to see you elsewhere.

Template No 2 – Follow-up Email from Purchase (Singular Person)

Subject Line: Thank you for your order! Hello [Customer Name],

Thank you so much for your purchase of [list product or products] on [date]. Your order has just been submitted, so you’ll receive an emailed order confirmation from [company name] once your goodies have been shipped out to you.

[Put product tips, tricks, or what you love about the particular product right here – use this space to connect with your customer about their purchase. If you’ve created a cheat sheet for product uses, think about including that here. If there are shipping delays that could be expected, this is a great place to share that information.]

If you aren’t in my [Facebook page/group] yet, that’s actually the best place to reach me, and also where I post lots of tips and value for my community.

If you have any questions, or would like to add to your order, please let me know! [Your Name]


NOTE: Personalize this email and make it conversational. The faster you can connect to your customer, the easier it will be for them to think of you. Brand recognition is backed by personal experience – make the most of this email.

Template No 3 – Follow-up Email After a Party

Subject Line: Thanks for partying with [Hostess Name] and [Your Name] Hey [Name]!

Thank you so much for coming to [Hostess Name]’s online/ Facebook/ Sqweee/ Zoom party on [Date]. On behalf of [Hostess name], I enjoyed getting to see new faces and meet you.

[If something funny happened in the party, or a personality moment happened – write that here. Pick moments that happened in the party that will make this email more conversational.]

I’ll be following up with you to make sure your order is perfect. You should expect your items to be home with you [put shipping expectations here]. I cannot wait to see pictures of your items online and I hope you enjoy your purchases! [You can include the most ordered product here, or a tidbit on how to use your items. Any tip or trick here is helpful.]

Did you see what [Hostess name] earned for FREE just for hanging out with us all night? Be sure to check out her post in the group so you can congratulate her for scoring all those free goodies. And, of course, if you’re interested in learning how to score your own free goodies, you know where to find me (just hit reply on this email).

And that’s a wrap! If you enjoyed this party and your time with me, I’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to click HERE to fill out a review for me.

If we don’t follow each other yet on social media, I invite you to follow me on [list social media with links].

Thank you again for partying with us! [Your name]

NOTE: Think about past emails you may have received from other consultants or businesses that you really liked – take what you loved about those emails and use them as inspiration for your email copy.

Template No 4 – Weekly/ Monthly Newsletter Template

Subject Line: Keeping Up with [Business Name] – Personalize this subject line to your business

** Notice that this template is a little different, in that we provide the outline for a newsletter email, but not the copy to get ideas from. Personalize this template to fit your business and remember to keep it simple 🙂 You know what your ideal client wants to see and read – make it happen in your newsletter.

  1. 1)  Greeting,
  2. 2)  Welcome Intro
  3. 3)  Product Spotlight of the Week/ Month

a) Include tips and tricks about this product. i) Example: Pampered Chef

(1) Featured Product of the Month: French Fry Kit
(a) Include information about the product, tips on cleaning/ storing,

and may even a recipe for this product.
(b) Share why you love this product and if there are any promos associated with this product.

  1. 4)  Upcoming Events/ Lives/ Releases
  2. 5)  Flex Spot – you can put a variety of different content options here.
    1. a)  Ask for testimonials/ reviews
    2. b)  Do a giveaway/ challenge
    3. c)  Highlight a fundraiser you were involved in
    4. d)  Throwback post from your group/ Current post in your group (ICYMI post)
    5. e)  Community Highlight
    6. f)  Meme of the Week/ Something funny
  3. 6)  End Message

a) Customize this area and put your own personality into the ending.

NOTE: We’d always recommend putting a call-to-action or engagement post in every email you send. Give purpose to your email – this engages your community and will give you analytics to look at when it comes to open and click through rates. With newsletters, you can insert more graphics. We’d recommend one at the top and then making sure your signature at the bottom has all of your social links available there. We’d also recommend putting an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

Template No 5 – Testimonial/ Review Request

Subject: Got a sec, [name]? Hey [Name],

I’m always looking for new ways to [insert how you want to help your audience better] and if you have just a moment, I would LOVE your help.

Just click here [LINK] and complete my super quick survey/ review/ to submit a testimonial about your time with me.

It won’t take long and there’s even a little thank you for you at the end. [Add a coupon, free download or gift on the thank you page of your survey.] Thank you! I appreciate you and look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, [Your Name]

NOTE: Testimonials can be scary to ask for, but they are a fantastic form of social proof. Who goes out without looking at reviews anymore, right? Most of us don’t just roll on up to a new place without looking at the Yelp, Google, Facebook reviews, or checking out the comment section of their posts – reviews and testimonials matter.

Template No 6 – Seasonal Sale / Hostess Specials Template

Subject Line: Good things are coming your way!
Hey [NAME],
[Start by highlighting the problem the product solves.]

[Warm up your audience here. Write a few introductory sentences that greet them and address the problem they may be facing. Tell them how you or your clients suffered and how you/they overcame them.]
And now the solution to all this will be available tomorrow at [DATE/TIME].

Grab it and you’ll: [Insert product benefit.] [Insert product benefit.] [Insert product benefit.] [Insert product benefit.]

[Make sure to include any promotions or special offers here]. I’ll be in touch the moment it’s available, so keep an eagle eye on your inbox. You’re going to LOVE this and wonder why you didn’t get your hands on it sooner – links will also be available inside my Facebook group/ community, so if you haven’t made it over there yet, what are you waiting for? Come on over!

Talk to you soon! [Your Name]


NOTE: This template is exclusively for the promotion of a product. 3Ps does extend into email, so if you are creating a series of emails that are formatted like the 3Ps, this is a great addition to your email arsenal to have in rotation. This email would pair well with a follow-up email sequence.

Template No 7 – Cold Fundraiser Outreach Template

When it comes to subject lines, think about these ideas regarding potential subject lines:

  • ●  Use their first and last name in the subject line if possible.
  • ●  Make the subject line as specific as possible.
  • ●  Experiment with questions in subject lines.Remember these tidbits for getting attention:
  • Make it personal.
  • Connect with them in some way.
  • Create a custom sample or video just for them.
  • Include a picture of yourself.
  • Subject Line: [Company or Personal Name] [Service] (use an attention-grabbing subject line here) Hi [name],I’ve been a big fan of [company name] for a while and have heard some amazing things about the work you all have started lately and wanted to reach out to you directly.My name is [your first name], and I’m [your title] at [your company name]. I’ve worked with [insert other charity names here] and would love to collaborate on a fundraiser with you. [Insert your mission statement here, or an in-depth reason you’d like to work with this charity.] [Add statement on other organizations you’ve supported, and helped fulfill their fundraising goals.]I wanted to email you, [recipient first name], to see if you might be interested in a collaboration/ fundraiser within [put time frame here]. I look forward to hearing from you soon.All the best,
    [Your Name]
    [your contact information]***NOTE: Most direct sales companies have their own charities or preferred charity organizations that they work with – this email template is designed for wider community outreach and cold contact via email. You can also do this via Instant Messenger or text, but this will help give you an idea of how to start reaching out within your community.

Template No 8 – Follow-up Email & Cheat Sheet Freebie Template

Subject line: Ohhh, have I got a freebie for you!
Hey there!
I wanted to follow up to see how you were enjoying your [product/ items/ services here].

As a gift of appreciation for you, I wanted to also give you this cheat sheet to go with [item ordered] – it’ll help with being able to readily use your [product/ item]. It’s got [list here what you’ve included in the cheat sheet – you can also list recipes, ways to store items, how to’s, and more].

I hope you’ve enjoyed your product. If you have any questions or need to re-order, please feel free to reach out [Insert your contact information]!

And if we’re not connected on social media yet, let’s get connected! [Add social media links.]

Many thanks, [Your Name]


NOTE: Cheat sheets or freebies that are digital are a fantastic way to keep your costs down while also providing functional value to your community.

Template No 9 – Objections Email Template (plus FAQ Opportunity)

Subject line: Quick Question, [name] Hey [name],

The other day I was talking about [insert product name/ company/ offers]. It [shows you how / makes it easy to…] [insert benefits].

A lot of people in my community have jumped on this promo/ offer/ join special, but I’m wondering if you have any questions before you take the leap yourself. Just [hit reply to this email / submit your question here – share link] and let me know.

I appreciate the feedback and look forward to hearing from you! Thank you,

[Your Name]

NOTE: You can answer your customers individually, but keep a record of those Q&As and send them as a FAQ to your email subscribers, so you can overcome the objections of those who don’t reply to your email and/ or have an FAQ for your products/ company.