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If you love meal delivery services but despise the preparation part (gee, thanks- my food is here and now I need to spend an hour with this meal card), Factor is your jam.

This is a delivery with a fully prepared, intake friendly (keto, macro conscious, low carb, vegan, etc) menu. If you’re a busy working Mom or simply need a shortcut, look no further!

Plans begin at $11 per meal through $15 a meal, depending on which plan you choose. My Husband and I often split a factor meal and add salads, cauliflower rice, or something really easy for us to prepare and up the overall volume so we get enough to eat. We have 4 kids, so it’s the more cost conscious way to do it!

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You can browse here but don’t sleep on the following codes if you want to try this service:

Save $25 off your first week with code FACTOR2020

Busy? Want to go for 2? Save $50 off your first 2 weeks with FACTOR50

Insanely busy & like additional savings? Save $90 off your first 3 weeks with NEWTOFACTOR90

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Factor has a rotating menu with a variety of options for many dietary patterns and preferences.

You can easily filter the menu to find entrées that are suitable for ketogenic, paleo, vegetarian, and plant based intake. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, organic, no hormones or preservatives.

The company clearly labels items that are high protein, low carb, and low calorie.

Here are a few examples of meals from Factor:

  • Keto Chorizo Chili
  • Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken
  • Black Bean Enchilada Bowl
  • Lemon Garlic Shrimp

Add-ons are also available, including cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, protein packs, and energy bites.

Each item includes a list of ingredients and details on the nutritional content for one serving.