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4 Ways to Gift Experiences this Holiday


If your family is anything like mine, you have a lot of stuff. If you are looking for ways to gift experiences this holiday, I can help!

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Why Gift Experiences?

When you gift a service or experience, you are essentially providing a happy memory for your loved one. You have taken their hobbies and desires into consideration which shows thoughtfulness. What’s better than that?

Bonus: you are showing up for the recipient more often than the day they open the gift (pssst- nothing wrong with something small wrapped up to highlight the experience based gift!).

Since they don’t have a gadget to figure out or batteries to insert, you get more time with them on gift opening day.

Disney Plus Membership

Disney has launched their own subscription service. Think you don’t need another app on your smart TV? Consider this: you can have up to 10 devices on the same account and have 4 going at one time!

In theory, you could split the cost with another household. From that lens, it’s a steal!

At $69.99 per year, this is a great gift you can out under the tree for kids with something nominal (stuffed animal, magnet, ornament) of any favorite Disney character.

Pool Boy, Maid, or Lawn Guy

What’s the most valuable thing for anyone on your list? Time. I love Amazon Home Services as a gift idea because it, quite literally, gives someone their time back.

Do the bathrooms need to sparkle? They’ve got you. Poop patrol in the backyard? Check. Need the gutters cleaned? Yep. They will do, quite literally, anything you don’t have the time or desire to do.


We started using this grocery service when the triplets were infants and my Husband renews it each year as my Christmas gift. Instacart will buy and deliver your groceries for you.

Read that again.

You still need to tip but all of the service fees are waived. We now do 2 grocery trips per week instead of one because we like fresh produce and this service makes it as convenient.

The stores Instacart works with are dependent upon location; in my town that’s everything from an organic market to a big box warehouse store. If you are gifting, make sure you check to see if your recipient’s area is served.

Instacart doesn’t sell gift memberships, but you can buy a gift certificate for $100 and write a note to put under the tree explaining the intended purpose.

woman running in a race

Gift of Running

Familiar with my Minimum Effective Dose methodology? This style of training is for folks who are busy (parents, career minded), chronically injured, or prefer balancing running alongside another fitness hobby. 

I offer a text message service for my training plans, 5K through 26.2. Your loved one will get the plan, a wall calendar printable to use with the post it method, and text messages at the top of each week with overall weekly volume + key run for that week.

The text messages begin when your loved one starts training for a race in 2020, so you could put this under the tree with their favorite piece of ZYIA Active, a race registration, or in their favorite VSCO girl water bottle.

All About the Packaging

Note in all of these you don’t show up empty handed on Christmas Day- you simply provide something nominal to represent the service. You can get very creative and personal with the packaging when you gift experiences!

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