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How I Got 40K TikTok Followers in 6 months


Lots of soloprenuers and brands with established businesses on Facebook and Instagram are lurking on TikTok but haven’t posted anything yet. Here’s how I got 40K TikTok followers in 6 months:

Be consistent for followers

I started posting on this app as part of a consistency challenge with my direct sales team. We commit ourselves to doing something daily for 30 days and I chose TikTok because I figured the worst that could happen was I’d get good at communicating ideas in video form for Instagram.

What happened? In 30 days, I went from making nostalgia videos to doing a lot of stuff on the treadmill, which has ultimately been my niche for TikTok followers. 

Did you hear me? You don’t need to dance. Do your own thing, which leads me to…

Stay in your lane on TikTok

Although you should consider using whatever hashtags are trending, noted by a red flame, if your goal is to grow your personal brand for business purposes, you want to niche. Use the hashtags that would appeal to the audience you’re trying to reach and stay consistent with your style. 

Want to do all the dances? Cool. Just don’t be surprised when your fitness video flops. Have you created 50 Outfit of the Day fashion videos? Right on- the TikTok algorithm regcognizes that so don’t get your panties bunched up when you post a food hack and it doesn’t get any love. 

You’ll have access to analytics about 48 hours after you post your videos- trust me, the trends are clear!

Don’t take it too seriously

There are some really neat marketing campaigns happening on TikTok and I’ve admittedly cashed in on some that align with my personal brand. I’ve actually made more money on TikTok (outside of product freebies) than a full year of podcasting. 

I’m not sure if that’s sad or celebratory!

Nonetheless, I’d consider this a marketing funnel and learning experience at best. You can link both Instagram and YouTube in your bio, so select the one you convert on and have some fun!

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