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How Much Do ZYIA Active Reps Make?


Many people see the opportunity to build a business and wonder, “how much do ZYIA reps make?” 

I’m here to help! 

Even better? I’m not a rep myself so I don’t even have a team you can join.

That’s right, I’m longer formally associated with this brand, but leaving this post up because it’s helped many of you researching ZYIA Active.

Here’s more on that.

Commission based selling

Should you join, you simply sell leggings, sports bra, and other active apparel.

ZYIA Active has a $200 monthly quota to earn a paycheck, no autoship or inventory requirements.

You do not need to purchase anything on a monthly basis to maintain your active status as a rep. They define active as $300 in sales over the course of 6 months.

Again- you do need to sell at least 3 pairs of leggings per month to earn a commission check.

I find this is a fact that’s often glazed over when folks are exploring the opportunity. “Active” is defined as eligible for a paycheck. You need to sell the actual $200 to collect said pay.

You’ll also pay $15 for your website monthly if you don’t sell at least $600. That’s not hard to do.

I sold 150,000 in 2.5 years, averaging about 3500 monthly but it was very time consuming work- this is not a “fit it in the cracks of your day” role.

Fact: if you want to make legitimate, salary style money, you need to think of yourself as a recruiter.

What if you build a team?

As a recruiter, you”ll add team members and receive rank advancements and make more commission.

Personal commissions increase with rank advances. As you grow in rank, your profit margins for your personal sales improve and you’ll make a portion of revenue from your downline as a people manager.  

People will quit (1 in 4 within the first year- I mean, I waited until my third but I am proof of the high turnover in direct sales) so you’ll always need to be “filling the hopper” and actively focused on recruiting.

I am telling you this because nobody else will.

Had I listened to the people who told me to just focus on recruiting instead of selling leggings, I may be a millionaire and still with this company.

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This decision is personal and you don’t need to make it immediately.

Don’t overthink it.

If you know you have a talent for managing people, this could be great for you.

If the thought of constantly recruiting and onboarding is exhausting, you’ll want to do some soul searching.

If you have an additional people manager responsibility to your team, you’ll have a second stream of revenue in your ZYIA Active business.

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