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How Running Makes You a Mindset Expert


You’re going to read that title- How Running Makes You a Mindset Expert and think, “oh, she’s referring to completing an ultramarathon


I’m taking about consistency here. Not any one specific race or level of athletic ability.

And I’m betting it applies to you, too!

Do we have this in common?

I’ve laced up my shoes a lot. Like, almost daily for 20 years a lot. 

If you understand the mindset shift that occurs  each time you press start on your running watch, it makes me a mindset expert. 

Here’s what I mean by that: 

Even though I love running, I still have the same inner voice that says “sleep longer” when my alarm goes off. 

If I’m being honest, that inner conflict often extends to the first few minutes of my run! 

So for the last 20 years, I’ve had the almost daily opportunity to talk myself into doing the hard thing.

Even if I have no issue getting out the door, it’s not uncommon for a run to go differently than anticipated- weather, performance, etc. 

Mindset- flipping perspective, quick and decisive plan B– is crucial there as well

Expert status

Assuming 5 runs a week, that’s 5,400 experiences where I rely on a strong mind.

Assuming an average of 45-60 minutes per run. there’s the 10,000 hour expert mark.  

And here are the places in my life where a strong mind is more important than being a talented runner: 

3 different deployments in the first 7 years of marriage as a military spouse 

Multi year infertility journey 

Triplet pregnancy while my Husband was deployed (again)

Losing my Dad to a cancer 

Being a stay at home Mom to 4 kids in diapers 

Functioning during a pandemic 

Running is a lifetime sport and it goes at beyond the physical ability to lace up as you age for good health. 

It’s a lifetime sport in the sense the mindset you develop serves you over your lifetime, in different seasons. 

The above is not an inclusive list of hardships I’ll experience in life. I actually don’t know what is coming next. 

But God does. And He has blessed me with the ability to run. And that has made me a mindset expert. 

Recreational runners, I’m going to guess you have a similar expertise. All of you, regardless of pace, whether you opt to race, and no matter the distance. 

If you ever feel like your hobby is silly, allow me to remind you training is for physical, mental, and emotional benefits. 

…and, a strong mind!

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