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How to Mentally Prepare for a Race


Are you wondering how to mentally prepare for a race this season?

Here are some tips for things you can do and focus on to get your mind ready for racing!

Celebrate training inputs

You made sacrifices to get to the start line over the past few months, so now it’s time to be completely selfish.

Celebrate all the hard work you already put in. The race is just the icing on the cake.

Do things that make you feel good! Buy your favorite foods, get a massage, ENJOY yourself!

Make a confidence list

Feeling scared about what’s to come on race day? Don’t worry! You already have everything you need within you to finish!

Write down a list of 10 tough things you have already overcome in life.

Your internal strength is there!

Know that you have the ability to fight through anything that happens on race day…and if you need convincing, just look at your own list!

Pssst- if you’re in a deep funk, you can also try the exercise from former podcast guest and grief counselor Kari Driskell by clicking on the images below.

Get excited!

Soak it all in and get lost in the excitement of the race!

When you walk into the expo, there is so much positive energy and excitement from others around the race weekend!

It’s a time to get yourself involved and have fun checking out the different vendors, motivational speakers and/or chatting with people around you!

Feel the energy & use it to fuel you up.

Be present

Running a race is one of the best possible decisions you’ve made!

Now it is time to crush the goal you set for yourself months ago. Soak in the crowds & sights. Take one mile at a time!

This race did not take 10 hours 😂

Focus on the mile you’re in, stay in tune with your body and pace, and just enjoy it!

You GOT THIS! You are ready to run the race of your life.

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