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Is ZYIA Active a MLM or Pyramid Scheme?


In it’s fourth year of business and disrupting the activewear marketplace, people are asking, “is ZYIA Active a MLM or pyramid scheme?!”

I need to let you know I’m longer formally associated with this brand.

You can either go back to Google now or use the resources below to get my deep dive.

Well- is it?! Is ZYIA a Pyramid Scheme?

Let’s not debate definition of pyramid scheme. There is a physical product, so it’s not a ponzi scheme.

The product is marked up about 70% to account for commissions throughout all the levels, though.

So, multi level.

If you’re comfotable with that and want to support a friend financially, who cares? Do your thing.

Head spinning? Shop a female owned direct to consumer brand like LoveHer or Senita, where the quality is nearly identical at a much lower price point.

Why I stopped being a zyia rep

There you go. You can continue to overthink it by reading this blog post. It’s so popular I had to do a follow up article about how I left.

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When I’m not running, lifting, and momming, I work full time in the wellness space.

To be fair, my experience at ZYIA and the podcast I created as a channel to market activewear helped me secure my current role.

Not a bad breakup but I am no longer involved with them or any kind of direct selling/MLM brand.

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