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I beta tested the lululemon blissfeel running shoes and here are my thoughts


When an opportunity to test the lululemon blissfeel running shoes came along, I jumped on it.

How in the world could I say no to that?! Great brand, sport of choice.

They even sent colors at random and I got blush pink!

So, meant to be.

In an effort to design running shoes specifically for a woman’s gait and foot shape, lululemon research and development scanned more than a million women’s feet.

Creepy? No way.

Long overdue.

In episode 183 of Run Lift Mom, we established with Dr. Stacy Sims women are not small men…and this is an extension of that thought process.

The result of industry finally getting a clue?

Comfortable running shoes designed to feel like a “supported extension of your foot”.

And guys, they do.

My thoughts after 30 miles

I tested the lululemon blissfeel running shoes over the course of a week.

Since I’m training for Boston right now, that ended up being roughly 30 miles of road and treadmill. It also included a 12 mile long effort.

Here’s what I love:

  • Wide toe box, but not to the degree it looks like a paddle or something

  • Flexible sole and upper

  • Non-bulky cushion. It’s some kind of fancy foam, kind of like a springy Tempur-pedic

  • Lightly padded heel and tongue (I didn’t know I wanted this until I felt it!)

  • Laces that stay tied; the holes and length would accommodate a runner’s loop

  • Aesthetic- these are performance shoes but they look normal. Not hating on the bright, neon colorways (I have and still own several!) but all of the options could tastefully go from gym to street

Here’s what I don’t:

They’re made by lululemon.

Stop laughing and give me a second to justify this:.

I’m paranoid other runners will make fun of me when I show up to the starting line of a race with these.

Like, “look at Karen in her lululemon shoes

Maybe the Runner’s World stamp of approval will help this- these are really great shoes and I see myself getting another pair.

Runners can sometimes be a little elitist though and the stereotype will cloud a lot of people on these.

…which is a shame, cause they’re legit!

How awesome will it be when I chick (verb: when a female runner passes a male in a race) some dude in a pair of blush pink lululemon shoes?!

I got 8.5, which is my normal running shoe size in other brands. I wear an 8 in casual shoes.

Best tip I ever got related to trying on shoes? Do it in the afternoon, when your feet are a bit swollen from being on them all day. It mimics how your feet will be from the impact of running!

How much?

At $148, they are at the higher end for running shoes but low price for a lululemon product.

The average cost these days is anywhere from $90 – $160 for trainers- let’s leave the carbon plated shoes like the AlphaFly as the outliers they are at almost $300.

My favorite lululemon leggings are $128, so I just figured the shoes would cost more. I’m really pleased!

Note: if you are military, military dependent, or a group exercise instructor eligible for the R&D discount I am assuming it would extend to these shoes, too.

It’s 10% now (not 15) but that applies to online orders as well – who wants to go into a physical store, right busy Moms?

Who is blissfeel for?

I recommend blissfeel running shoes as an everyday trainer for women with normal-ish strides.

Heavy on the ish- you don’t need perfect Pose method form.

You just need to recognize they aren’t going to be corrective (yes, that exists!), so if you have severe pronation issues they probably aren’t your next pair.

They would make an excellent transition shoe for those interested in minimal running for multiple reasons:

The toe to heel drop is not too aggressive at 9.5mm, plenty of room in the toe box, and the foam cushioning is not bulky (but it’s there, which is crucial for safety and avoiding injury in a transition).

These would also be great for someone who isn’t a hard-core runner but wants a quality pair of shoes to use for both performance and wearing casually.

I imagine we’ll start seeing all the lululemon models online and educators in store in them very soon, which will be great for styling!

What do you think?

The lululemon blissfeel running shoes are available to the general public March 22, 2022.

I’ll be really eager to hear what you all think. I’d especially love to hear from Athena runners who have different needs than I do at 5’3, 120 pounds.

Message me with your feedback! In the meantime, we can hang on Instagram: