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3 Tips for Healthy Meal Prep


Need 3 tips for healthy meal prep? I’m participating in the Street Parking Fall nutrition challenge and it been key (pun intended!).

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

I’m a real believer in the idea that real health and fitness begins in Septmeber, not January.

By the start of the year, it’s too far gone. Those 2 extra pounds are now 10!

Here are some meal prep tips if you’re also tightening things up right now:

Utilize leftovers

How many people are you cooking for? Now, double or triple that number when you are making food.

Portion out leftovers into meal prep containers for lunch or freeze for a time strapped healthy dinner.

Forget Pinterest.

You don’t need new recipes! Make simple meals you already love to eat.

For example, I love this egg roll bowl recipe. I could eat them daily…and I pretty much do. No need to recreate the wheel.

Online ideas may be aesthetically pleasing but if you are strapped for time, tried & true is best.

Think of 4-6 meals TOTAL you love, are good at making, & put them on repeat.

Some others I enjoy include egg white omelettes (simply throw the veggie heavy “kitchen sink” inside), taco stuffed sweet potatoes, and anything with my pal Christina’s delicious comeback sauce.

The internet can help expand your meal prep repertoire but don’t start out there.

Enjoy Prep Time

Block off to a single day (naturally, this depends on your lifestyle) and pair with something you enjoy- Run Lift Mom podcast & wine, perhaps?!

I know people who make it a family affair or team up with someone they love for meal prep- game changer!

If you look forward to the thing (or time with people!) you’ve paired meal prep with, it won’t be a burden.

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Remember, you can use my 11×17 printable for planning your meals.

It’s free and was originally intended for Flexible Marathon Training but people started meal planning with it using post its and a trend began!

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