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My Fall 2021 Running Goals


Time to share my 2021 running goals!

For me, goals become real when I tell at least one other person about them…because I’m now accountable to someone else in addition to myself.

So, what better way to make my goals official than posting them for my little corner of the Internet to see. No pressure, right?

1: Finish all of races uninjured

I have a high number of races on my calendar this Fall, totaling well over 100 miles.

I’d like to finish all of them uninjured. Fact: this is my most important goal.

  • October 9: Holden Beach Half Marathon
  • October 22: Ocean Isle Half Marathon
  • November 13: Richmond Marathon
  • November 24: Calabash Turkey Trot 5K + 10K challenge
  • December 4: Wilmington Half Marathon
  • December 11: Nutcracker 12 Hour

2: Run a BQ

Run a Boston Qualifying time in Richmond. I am 40 years old, so my qualifying time is 3:40, but I’d like to run 3:30.

Real talk: I have already qualified for 2022 back at Myrtle Beach in the Spring but this time would be a personal win for the hilly course in Richmond.

The race is November 13 and I am using the 16 week Peloton marathon training plan.

It’s longer than the typical 12 week flexible plan, but I wanted something that utilized the Peloton outdoor runs I was doing anyway.

As an unexpected perk in the first 4 weeks, using this plan has changed my approach to speed training in a positive way. I am updating Instagram each week about this training if you’d like to follow along!

3: PR Half Marathon

My current half marathon PR is from Fredericksburg Historic Half in 2011, 1:38:23.

I almost had a PR earlier this Spring in Sunset Beach but missed it by 2 seconds with 1:38:25.

I have three opportunities to get a new PR this Fall and I’m going to make it happen!

How will I get there?

I know better than to set 2021 running goals without also making a specific plan to get there. Here’s some insight on how I’ll achieve above:

Do what my schedule says

Each week, the Peloton app programs a tempo run day, two strength workouts designed for runners, a speed day focused on marathon race pace, an easy recovery run, and a long weekend run.

I am also adding 100 kettlebell swings, 100 squats, and 2 minutes of burpees daily during the month of August (this is a Red H Nutrition challenge), in “grease the groove” fashion to combat my sedentary work day.

I have a standing desk, but I personally don’t believe that’s enough. I was moving a lot more when I was home with the kids and I don’t want to gain weight or lose fitness just because I have a traditional office job!

Be smart about run pacing

It has been a few months since I’ve done a formal race, so I am sticking to paces recommended by the McMillan Running Calculator. I may adjust based on time trials or early season races.

Sleep more

The irony of saying this as a Mom of four young kids, right? I’m serious!

I am still supplementing with Zen Rem from Red H Nutrition; I like this product because in addition to melatonin for more restful sleep, it also includes magnesium which is known to help recovery when taken at bedtime.

As an additional bonus, it works best on a full stomach so I don’t snack at night. Trust me when I say, Zen Rem sleep is more delicious than a nighttime snack.

Readdress nutrition strategy

For the last 5 or so years, I have practiced intermittent fasting.

Now I’m not.

I went deep on why this in this blog post, but suffice it to say my system is in a state of “reset” so I am paying close attention to race fueling too.

My body is not used to taking in fuel even prior to long race efforts, so I’m slowly introducing food before and during long runs.

Let’s Connect

I hope you’ll follow me along my journey and share your Fall 2021 running goals too. We can keep each other accountable. Connect with me on Instagram: