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Myrtle Beach Marathon 2024


Why the Myrtle Beach Marathon?

It’s close to me, a fast course, and in early March – perfect for my final long effort with Blackbeard’s Revenge 100 miler coming up.

I’ve written previously about how hard the last 6 months of running have been, so I went in with an “A goal” (Boston qualify, 3:40) and a “B goal” (sub-4 hours).

Miles 1-10

There’s not much of note for miles 1-10 other than running in a light drizzle, which was a blessing given the rainy forecast.

I don’t mind running in the rain and I’ve got a lot of experience with it (see also: Hampton Marathon, Boston Marathon 2018, Boston Marathon 2019, Greensboro Marathon, among others).

The real issue, though, is a wet day can destroy your feet (blisters, trench foot) and nobody wants to risk their next race to splash in some puddles.

Miles 10-20

I knew by the halfway point this wasn’t going to be my “A goal” day with some quick mental math + an honest evaluation of how I was feeling.

When this happens, I try to “reset” my brain so I can enjoy the race and feel like I’m running toward something positive, not failure.

n=1, but this is why I set multiple goals for each race

You never want to finish and say, “I didn’t hit my goal”.

Plus, there are many things you cannot control on race day (like the aforementioned weather!)

With that mental reset, I tried to settle into a more conservative pace and enjoy the course itself.

Miles 20-26.2

Once the pressure for a specific pace or time was off, I actually had a lot of fun!

I was able to chat with some of the runners around me and enjoyed the portion of the course that passes Myrtle Beach High School with the marching band in full force and behind Top Golf (kudos to these employees, who have also provided an unofficial water stop the last two years!).

Finished in 3:48:52, averaging 8:17 miles.

There were over 1200 finishers this year, with 477 being female. It’s nice to see this many women in a sport that has long been male dominated!

I was the 80th female, which ain’t too shabby.

Pro tip: when your day doesn’t go as expected, find something to celebrate!

What’s next?

I’ve got my big Spring race, Blackbeards 100, coming up in three weeks. This was my final long effort!

After that, assuming good health, I’ll be back at the Boston Marathon for my 7th unicorn.

If I’ll see you at either of those, I hope you’ll drop me a line!