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Oak Island Marathon 2024


Popular advice in marathon running circles is “control the controllables”

This essentially means there are a number of things you cannot control on race day (eg, the weather) so focused your energy on things you have direct control over (eg, your attitude).

Sounds easy enough, right?

Enter, change of life

I’m 42 and currently battling a boatload of symptoms associated with early menopause.

And it’s a bear.

Debilitating fatigue.

Achy joints.

Can’t regulate body temperature.



And I can’t control when these occur.

Maintaining the level of activity I’m used to while treating symptoms where possible is still something my Doctors are helping me figure out.

Race Day

Some days I feel fantastic.

I have PRed multiple foundation lifts within the last few months!

Other days, I feel like a slug and everything hurts.

Unfortunately, that’s how I felt when I woke up the day of the Oak Island Marathon.

Miles 1-10

I tested a new fueling strategy for Blackbeards Revenge 100.

Ultimately, this wasn’t the downfall of the day (see also: my own mindset, body, and 16 mph headwinds) but it made me pretty positive 8 or so miles in this was not going to be my day.

Started in the low 8:00 miles and climbed to just under 9:00 by mile 10.

Miles 10-20

This race has multiple events going on at once: marathon, ultramarathon, half marathon, walking friendly half marathon on a different route, 10K, 5K.

You never really feel it as a participant.

It feels like a very small race!

At the half marathon, we split from the folks who were running the “east” course, which thinned out the crowd of runners to a great degree.

Miles 14-20 were windy.

It was lonely and painful.

I knew I wasn’t pacing for the 3:35 originally hoped for, but when the 3:45 pacer passed me around 20 I definitely said, “F$&K THAT GUY” out loud.


Sorry, man. You were just doing your job.


Wheels fell off.

Pace chart looks like I legit gave someone else my watch in the second half:

Should NOT look like this 🫣🤣

Ultimately, I ended up with a sub four hour marathon, clocking in 3:53:30 and securing third place in my age group.

But it was not pretty.

This is the slowest I ever run this course, including the year it poured rain the entire race.

Face palm.

What now?

I’ll keep working with my Doctors, hoping to have more good running days than bad, and preparing for Blackbeard’s.

A friend asked if this experience made me doubt my ability to finish next month.


I may not have direct control over what my body is going to do that day, but I sure as heck can keep control over my mind.

I won’t go in thinking I can’t, plain and simple.

Ultras are for durable, not speedy, people.

If I can get the pain management right (still have time to tweak that fueling strategy), I’ll be okay.

And if slower-than-I-once-was is the new normal, that’s okay too.