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My First Impression of Senita Athletics


This is my first impression of Senita Athletics, a brand that is new to me but my friends won’t shut up about!

I say that lovingly, girls!

Allow me to share a little about this brand, give you my first impression of Senita Athletics, and what I’m going to try next!

Stick around until the end for a 15% discount code!

What is Senita?

This brand was created by two sisters (and Moms!) in 2015, with the goal of providing legit activewear without high price tags or direct sales style commission structures.

Most people recognize this brand because they have one of the most extensive lines for both maternity leggings and nursing sports bras.

That’s two Moms founding a clothing line for ya! Ha!

By cutting out the middleman of brick and mortar stores or complicated representative pay structures, they are able to provide access to affordable gear along with a supportive, uplifting community that refers to itself as a sisterhood.

Per the Senita website, “sisters in the sense that we are genuine, honest, and real.

We have each other’s backs, build each other up, and push each other to achieve our dreams.”

Sounds great to me…but what are the clothes actually like?!

First impression of my haul

Here are the things I tried in my initial Senita Athletics haul:

  • Dynamic quarter zip
  • Swift 4 running shorts
  • Nora windbreaker

All of these items are under $50 and, though Senita has limited release items, there is no chaos surrounding releases or concerns about urgency.

I appreciate this; being a working Mom is stressful enough as is.

Dynamic quarter zip ($48)

This is a great option for those who want the soft comfort of a sweatshirt but want to look and feel a bit more put together.

No offense to your sweatshirt.

The fit is forgiving in the torso area while retaining a semblance of waist with a feminine fit. The fabric here is soooffft- nylon, polyester, spandex blend that is warm and comfortable.

I guess you could exercise in this, but it’s not going to be as breathable as other options designed for performance. Heads up!

Other design details I love: thumb holes, covered zipper at neck.

Swift 4 Shorts ($31)

I love these shorts because they have a boyshort style liner with three total pockets, one zippered on the lower back and one large phone size on each side.

These are not high waist, which I prefer for running shorts. I’ve tried- a high waist on this style shorts is just too hot.

I know aesthetically I probably need to cover past my bellybutton, but I’m squarely in “40 and f#%* it” zone so I really don’t care.

The inseam here is 2.5 inches, just like my beloved Lululemon Run Speeds, though they are half the price (and with the combination of a boyshort liner, win in my book!).

Nora Windbreaker ($49)

This is the one in the photo above and it’s my favorite of the three pieces.

There are 4 zippered pockets on this water resistant windbreaker!

Two zipper pockets on the sides, one large pocket in the lower back, one small chest pocket.

It is lined with breathable mesh and has adjustable pull cords on the attached hood (!!) and hips.

The Nora has water resistant fabric, don’t put it in the dryer, okay?!

If you’re going to wear this to run, size down one. It’s heavy duty, so I don’t know that running is the best use.

Rucking? YES.

This fabric is thick and matte, meaning there will be zero potential for straps sliding and your shoulders or upper back getting chaffed.

Pssst- if you’re like, “what’s rucking?” go listen to this episode of Run Lift Mom.

I’m using it as a regular rain jacket since I live in windy coastal North Carolina and got a size small.

At 5’3 and 120 pounds, a small gives me an oversized fit I can put a sweater or sweatshirt under.

On my wishlist

Per my Instagram friends, who are already much more familiar with Senita Athletics than I am, there are some must have items in this brand!

For runners in particular, here are some options to check out and also on my own wishlist:

  • Rio pocket shorts ($26), 3.75” but 7” is also available
  • Marathon shorts ($31)
  • Sarah Sports Bra ($29), this is the one with the phone pocket

Want a discount?

If this brand is new to you, use the code RLM to receive 15% off your first purchase. You must be a new customer for this one!

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