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Hi there I’m Suzy!

I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood

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Strong Start 60


Welcome to Strong Start! This program is intended for ZYIA Active reps who want to rank advance to Senior Rep within their first 60 days.

Directions: bookmark this page, then work through each video/checklist one at a time. Text or email your sponsor when you have completed each video for accountability.

Video 5 Checklist:

1. Identify your ideal customer, host, and rep; make your “fluid” list
2. Determine your goal for how many reach-outs you want to do per day or week. Make them genuine, not spam- quality over quantity

3. Talk to you sponsor about what/how to ask

4. Start asking people based off of your daily/weekly goal – from each category
5. Book at least 2 future events to continue your momentum from your launch!

Video 6 Checklist:

1. If you launched with a Facebook party, flip your group to your VIP and rename it as such (no use of the word “ZYIA”)
2. Update the links in the group as necessary for customers to shop from

3. Create 1-2 events in your back office that are open for your customers to shop with outside of virtual or in person events

4. Post consistently and purposefully. We’d rather see you be excellent on one social media channel than mediocre on many

Video 7 Checklist

  1. Implement best practices into your daily business
  2. You’ve already set your weekly goal of messages- continue doing this! Make sure you are connecting in a genuine, non-spammy way
  3. Invite your prospects to a Passionate Team Open House on Instagram (follow account anytime for culture!) or Discover ZYIA group on Facebook
  4. Enroll 3 reps to your team

Video 8 Checklist

  1. Know the difference between net and gross profit! You’re in this business to make money, not lose it.
  2. Stay plugged in. Schedule time to attend trainings and keep developing youself
  3. Get organized to save time on social media (photos categorized in albums, quick reference product and event verbiage
  4. If you do business on Facebook, avoid jail
  5. Understand how to use back office
  6. You are the only you– and that’s your superpower!

Video 9 Checklist

  1. Stay consistent!
  2. Keep your goals in check
  3. You CAN do this!

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