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Top 5 Questions about joining Aloette in 2021


Let’s discuss the top five questions about joining Aloette in 2021

1. How much does it cost?

Join with Aloette for $20. Get $65 in products and sell your way. No Facebook parties required.

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2. What are the quotas?

No quotas or “sell X dollars to get a paycheck”. As an Influencer, you’ll learn about promotions and sales before they happen so you can plan strategically.

In fact, some people only promote during sales. Whatever floats your boat, friend!

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3. What kinds of fees are there?

Get your own custom Aloette shopping site so your customers can shop online. It’s free- no funny stuff or caveats.

Why would in the world would we charge you to promote a product?

4: What do I need to know about building a business?

Real talk: the majority of Consultants get their start-up investment back during their soft launch.

This is not a “pay to sell our product” closed model of business kind of gig.

If the amount of money you’ve spent on your own product in the past makes you throw up in your mouth a bit, you’ll appreciate this.

If you’re motivated by skin in the game or are already a super fan, you can always join with The Show Kit – a larger investment, larger sample of products to work with and try firsthand out of the gate.

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5. Is there training support?

Yes! Launch your business with an opening launch and have everything you’ll need to host pop-ups, record your own how-to videos for social, and do private events for your customers.

You’ll also follow my proven personal influencer style sales model, which includes building an email marketing system and database, follow up, referral, and workflow training.

Learn about the brand:

Be wary of which aloe vera products you use. Quality is easy to spot and, yes- you get what you pay for!

For example, with some aloe-based products you’ll find, there’s also a high concentration of alcohol. This effectively negates all of aloe vera’s beneficial properties. 

Too much alcohol inhibits effectiveness so you won’t realize any of its benefits.

Growing conditions of aloe vera differ. Many farms use pesticides and chemical-fertilizers that get into the product and alter its performance.

For over 40 years, Aloette has been committed to create the highest quality aloe vera available – straight from farm to jar.

Ready to sign up? Do it here and we will get you into the team training!

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