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I uplift other women in the areas of running, lifting, and motherhood

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Walt Disney Marathon

So I’m in the library yesterday checking out a book on marathons. A young girl in line behind me saw the book’s cover, which featured someone running, poked me and very assertively (almost challenging) asked, “Do you run?!”

“Yes, I do”
“What do you run?”
“Well, I run long distances and compete in marathons.”

Not impressed. Clearly, the girl had no idea what a marathon was.
“Whats that, like miles?”
“Yeah, actually about 26 of them.”

This still wasnt good enough for her.
“How many LAPS is that?”
“A mile is 4 laps, and I do 26 miles, so it would be a little over 100 laps.”

Now the feat is in full perspective and all of the sudden I am this girls HERO! After convincing her that it is possible to go that long without stopping, she went into great detail about her middle school track career in the 800 meter run.

When we got up to leave, she shook my hand and said, “It was so great to meet you. I cant wait to tell my coach I met someone who ran 100 laps.”

…perhaps I should have told her that my 4:18:02 at the Disney marathon beat Diddy’s 4:24?! Then she’d have something for her coach and her friends…!