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Kettlebell WTH (What the Heck) Effect


Here is my weekly running recap: kettlebell WTH effect.

I wrote this title after the post itself, so allow me to give you a bottom line up front: if you’re a runner, find ways to incorporate the kettlebell swing.

This week I did all of my baseline lifting for the summer, when I intentionally choose not to race but, rather, to get strong in an effort to injury proof.

I want to note that I am still running. There is a big difference between running and racing; I am simply not doing the latter.

Running during an off season

I’ve cut my running volume in half from 40-50 miles per week to 20-25) in an attempt to make more time for lifting.

While I’ll still do the occasional race for fun, it will be running and not racing.

For running, I am mostly sticking with Peloton outdoor workouts.

I will probably start using the treadmill ones and increase intensity when they increase incline (because the outdoor catalog is limited).

How did the lifts go?

Well, I’ve got some work to do here! 430 was my total and I’ll do some focused work, then revisit at the end of the summer. Here are baseline numbers after a long break:

  • Deadlift: 210
  • Shoulder Press: 65
  • Back Squat: 155

I weigh 120 right now (that’s heavy for me, so the fact that I just PRed my marathon is bananas!).

Side note: people on social media have been sending me diet programs when I mention I’m a few pounds up right now. Disgusted doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about that.

I am finishing a year of homeschool, starting a new job, selling a house, building a house, and preparing to leave military life (I’m a spouse) after more than a decade.

I’m not even in precontemplation for weight loss, guys.

And if you don’t know what that is ask someone with a health related degree.

120 pounds is far from overweight, too.

What did I learn?

This week, I learned the kettlebell swing really does provide a WTH effect.

The WTH effect (what the he** effect) is basically this: making gains in fitness but you don’t really know why.

My Husband and I have been doing 330 swings as part of our May 10K (10,000 swings during the month of May). I also did a lot of swing heavy workouts in April to prepare for this volume.

Sidenote: I have used Aloette hand polish and hand couture anti aging hand cream to keep my hands from cracking during this effort. 330 daily is a lot of volume!

Callouses are good, but cracks mean at least a week off of training and, trust me, you cannot make up over 1600 missed swings during the remainder of the month!

This is on the heels of that marathon PR (where I believe the swings also played a role), but my deadlift is also much higher than it should be given what my last 6 months have looked like.

I interviewed a pelvic health and core specialist this week for an upcoming podcast episode and she mentioned the importance of a strong posterior chain.

I believe mine is stronger because of the swings and the proof was in that 1RM.

Here’s your takeaway: if you’re a runner, find ways to incorporate the kettlebell swing.