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Running Miles as Therapy


Running miles as therapy?

I mean, I believe in real therapy too but when you don’t have the referral or appointment, running miles sure are a fine alternative.

I had a really awful week and will spare you the details (quite honestly, I don’t feel like reliving it anyway) but this is for sure:

Running made me feel better.

Did I go a few miles over that I had originally planned? Yes.

I ran 35 miles, which is a lot more than the 20-25 I typically do in the summer.

Are the running police going to get me? No.

More miles please

Unplanned increases are just like unplanned decreases- they can be therapeutic!

Just like when we sometimes need to pull back on miles to nurse an injury for physical health, an increase can be good for mental health.

When life feels out of control, the fact that I can lace my shoes up and get out there is within my control.

The number of miles I run? The pace I run them at? To a degree, also my decision.

It feels good to have something I can control when the world is spinning.

So that’s where I am.

Bad week, but running made it better.

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