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What is on Discount or Sale at Aloette right now?


Want to know what is on discount or sale at Aloette right now? I will update this post to reflect what’s current, so bookmark it and come back when your stock is running low!

20% off Serums

I need to point out this is almost as deep as an affiliate discount (although, if you are reading this and you are an affiliate you know you can stack discounts so it becomes 35%!).

Add on recommendation

The Nutri-Hydrating mist is my add on recommendation and great for:

  • a post run treat (pro tip: refrigerate if you’re using like this- so soothing!)
  • preventing bug bites without harsh chemicals before an evening in the yard
  • soothing skin after a shave (your legs, your man’s face or head!)
  • Stop nosebleeds
  • Detangler
  • Post shower moisturizer (if, like me, you’re entirely too lazy to bother with lotion!)

Remember, in order to preserve the integrity of our products we ship in boxes via USPS Priority.

This is great because it’s an unlimited flat rate- so whether you grab 2 or 20 items, it’s 7.95 to ship.

We’ve also got a 6 week return policy, so you’ll have peace of mind when trying new products!

There will be more sales in the future. Bookmark this page and check back or consider our PWP (purchase with purchase) sales instead.

Purchase with Purchase

You should also know we have some great PWP discounts all month long, so if you don’t hit a sale time you can always get your choice of the following for every $50 spent!

The best PWP item this month is, hands-down, the restorative enzyme peel. Normally $42.95, it is $17 with any $50 purchase!

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