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Why running is a team sport


When it comes to running, there’s only one person who can make your legs move.

Only one person who can force you to wake up two hours before the sun begins to rise for a long run.

There is only one person who can choose to keep going and dig deep, even when quitting seems like the better option.

You know who I’m talking about. That person is YOU.

Unlike many sports, success in distance running doesn’t depend on someone playing an error-free game or passing you the ball.

Even though it may seem like an individual display of toughness, courage and strength; endurance running is actually a team sport.

The thing about running is that although you have to believe in yourself, want it for yourself and do the work yourself, your team – whether that’s simply your family and friends, the kids you push in a jogging stroller or a literal training group – makes you stronger.

This is why running is a team sport. And these are my team members:

  • Someone who tells you you’re doing awesome, even when you feel like crap.

  • Someone who is 2 minutes faster per mile than you but hangs back to talk you through the hard miles and make sure everyone safely crosses a busy intersection.

  • Someone who’s willing to give you one of their GUs when they think you need it more than they do.

  • Someone who brings extra ice for you to put down your shirt when it’s blazing hot.

  • Someone who is so inspiring you want to push through to show them how strong they’ve helped make you.

  • Someone who understands what “my stomach is upset” really means and stops their own run to wait for you to take a pit stop.

  • Someone who encourages you every step of the way and reminds you how extraordinary you are.

This is my team.

All of you “someones” know who you are, including the new beginners running group here in my new town that inspired this train of thinking and post!

I keep running for myself, but I also keep running for the team.

Make no mistake- it is about me, but it’s about everyone else who helps me run: my running pals who keep me going when I want to stop.

My husband who supports the sacrifices I have to make to do what I do and tells me how proud he is.

My Mom and Aunt who are the best spectators in the whole world and my Uncle, now with the Lord, who introduced me to running way back when.

To the people I don’t even know on Instagram, Facebook and through podcast circles who teach me new things and encourage me every day.

I run for myself. But I run with all of you. I can’t think of a better team or a better sport.

I’d love to hear what’s working for you. Drop me an audio note to tell me!

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