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Active Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Here it is! The ZYIA Active on Mother’s Day Gift Guide. You’ll contact me for specifics on sizing, fit, and function. 

I have included physical items, membership, and experience on this list and hopefully you can cross “runner gift” off your list after reading these ideas: 

Please note that some of these links (not all) are affiliate and I will receive compensation if you use them to purchase a gift or to treat yo self!

1: Doing Peloton Girl Sh*t

For the glazed donut, crown wearing woman in your life!

Seriously, Sarah Marie Design Studio has all the best stuff for runners- mugs, shirts, hats- with cheeky sayings like this. There’s also Doing Runner Girl Sh*t

Click on the below image to shop this small business all runners adore and use RUNLIFTMOM for 10% off anything.

2: Life Planner 

You’ve seen me use the Erin Condren vertical layout for flexible training with post it’s for years. I am recommending you use this (at the time of this guide release, all Life Planners are 50% off!) as a Mother’s Day gift but here’s how you’ll make it special: 

For the months that have already gone by (January- March), you’ll write in special memories, notes, things that inspire you about the Mom you’re gifting for, etc.

This makes it a very personal book and is like signing the inside of a book jacket…except she’ll use the Life Planner daily for the rest of the year and think of you! 

3: Aloette Mother’s Day Bundles

My favorite of the Aloette Mother’s Day Bundles for Moms who spend a lot of time outdoors is Visible Aid + Nutri-Hydrating Mist. Here’s why: 

Both products are insanely versatile! 

As an example, the same Visible Aid my Husband used to heal his new tattoo can also be used on an expecting Momm’s belly to prevent stretch marks. 

When she has some leftover, that same tube can be a barrier cream for her newborn to prevent diaper rash. 

Then, when she runs her first postpartum marathon, she can use it as a barrier cream to prevent chafing on her braline or on her feet to prevent or treat blisters on her toes and heels.

The Nutri-Hydrating mist is great for:

  • a post run treat (pro tip: refrigerate if you’re using like this- so soothing!)
  • preventing bug bites without harsh chemicals before an evening in the yard
  • soothing skin after a shave (your legs, your man’s face or head!)

This is another one that’s great for post tattoo care as well. Maybe this should be called “the inked Mom bundle“!

4: Race experience 

I’m talking the entire situation, from top to bottom: registration, travel, lodging, childcare associate with time heavy training efforts. 

You can go to this website and sort by date, region, state, or province. 

That said, a lot of people have been seeking help for virtual races so I am opening it back up. My bandwidth is limited on the accountability option ($50), so if you don’t see it as an option here I’m at max. 

You can still get a plan, though ‑ 5K through 26.2. $30 plans make great gifts and include schedule, monthly + weekly printables, & weekly key run texts for accountability

5: Time 

This one is serious. Give her the gift of time. She can use it to sleep in, for a run, or (depending on your generosity) a girls night out or weekend away.

You can click here or on the image below for a printable certificate- you write in the amount of time and sign off on it! 

6: Wellness Journal 

Here’s a 90 page workbook with physical and emotional wellbeing tips from a variety of creators from the YouTube, Instagram, and podcast space (including yours truly!). 

You can gift this to your favorite runner, since it’s so important to record our health journey using pen and paper. Our phones are entirely too crowded and we deserve better for something this important! 

Did I mention it’s free? Click here or on the image below to download or save!

7: Acts of service, laundry edition 

I used the laundry stripping recipe from BleachPrayLove aka GoCleanGo on Instagram. It worked. 

Here’s why this makes a great gift: it’s time intensive. You need a minimum 5 hours (prep + 4 hours + wash, hang) per tub and I recommend separating colors from black. 

As a gift for your favorite mother runner, you cold do all of her running gear (estimating 2-3 batches here) and create a mixture for her to add to her laundry for ongoing wash (Instagram users told me they use an Oxyclean cub/scoop for this and use half if also using regular detergent).

If Mom’s love language is acts of service, this is a gift that knocks it out of the park!

8: Antimicrobial insoles 

This small business, Tread & Butter, makes insoles that won’t stink or give your feet the funk! 

There are 2 options to choose from depending on her/your support needs and drop preference. The Cascadia is for high arch, high volume and the Suntoucher is low profile (recommended if you prefer a minimal feel).

Use RUNLIFTMOMPOD10 for 10% off right here or by clicking on the image above.

9: Super Flexy joint supplement 

This is a non negotiable for runners‑ protect joints from all that pavement pounding with Type II Collagen, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, & Turmeric

This is a Veteran owned company who does everything in the USA and tests rigorously with 3rd parties. I’ve seen the Founder, Katie, toss entire batches of product and delay releases when product isn’t to standard! 

You can include this in the 3 for $99 special and split the other 2 items up as gifts or keep something for yourself! 

Pssst- hear my latest podcast episode with the Founder right here!

10: Ellie subscription 

The Stargazer set was released in April and is $44.95 for 3 pieces (not pictured: white coordinating crop top)

While I don’t think this is the right choice for a Mom doing Street Parking or training for a marathon, it’s perfect for pure athletisure. If your loved one loved comfy clothes or is still working from home, here’s a way to do it without breaking the bank! 

Use code GETFIT at Ellie for 30% off the first box (which actually comes in a bag, but let’s not split hairs!), making it $32 for all 3 pieces! https://www.youtube.com/embed/isRDvOaIFBI?feature=oembed

Celebrate the women in your life!

If you do nothing else, make sure you tell the special women in your life how much you love them! 

I hope this Runner’s Gift Guide has helped you for Mother’s Day or Military Spouse Appreciation Day! 

Thanks in advance for considering these items, which support my free weekly podcast.

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